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Apple unveils iOS 15: the future of the iPhone is brighter than ever

Apple unveils iOS 15: the future of the iPhone is brighter than ever

After weeks of rumors about it, the time has finally come. Apple just unveiled what can be called one of the most exciting software updates in the company’s history. Obviously, we are talking about iOS 15. The new update takes iPhone to another level. In this article we are going to discover all the news.

Unlike what many expected, Apple hasn’t decided to revamp the iconic Home screen design. However, he decided to focus on adding one set of features that will make the user experience something truly amazing. The news compared to iOS 14 are so many. Below we are going to list them all.

Apple iOS 15: all the news of the new software update


Apple has realized how important it is for users to have a means to stay connected with others even when at a distance. Because of this, it has decided to introduce a number of new features and improvements to FaceTime. Group and non-group video calls with iOS 15 will be more realistic than ever. Thanks to a number of features such as spatial audio, voice isolation, Wide Spectrum and portrait modeit will almost seem to be conversing face to face.

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One of the most interesting news is certainly what Apple has called “SharePlay“. With iOS 15, users will be able to share music, videos / movies or their smartphone screen directly via FaceTime. In this way, the connection between users will be more intimate than ever. And if the calls are with people who do not have our contacts, as well as other meeting services, it will be possible create links for specific calls. It will be enough to send to the participants via Mail, social media, etc. And that’s it. The beauty? Desktop and Android users can also participate via the web!

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The messages app is enriched with a new, more intuitive design. With iOS 15 it will be possible share content of all kinds (news, photos, videos, playlists, etc.) in a simple and intuitive way. The interesting thing is that users will have, in their respective apps, a section dedicated to shared content. In this way, missing something will be impossible!


As the number of remote interactions between users increases, it certainly becomes more difficult to concentrate. For this reason, Apple has thought of a series of functions that can help users not to get distracted from their life. With iOS 15, notifications will be organized so as not to pester the user throughout the day. It will also be possible to tell iPhone what you are doing. The smartphone, based on the information given, will display, in the foreground, only the notifications relevant to what you are doing. For example, if you are working, iPhone will only show notifications from colleagues and work apps.

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If you do not want to be bothered by anyone, however, you can continue to set the “do not disturb” mode which, now, will be reported to others within the messages app.


On iOS 15, Apple has implemented a number of features aimed at boosting the intelligence of the iPhone. Thanks to “live text”Users will be able to interact with the texts present in the photos taken or received by contacts. For example, you can take a picture of a school blackboard and copy the text in notes or get the number of a restaurant from a photo of its sign. The intelligence of the photos on iOS 15, however, does not end there. iPhone now recognizes objects and details within photos. Thanks to this, searching for a photo, even through Spotlight, will be much easier. Just enter the details we remember in the search bar to get to our photo of interest.

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The iPhone Wallet becomes more secure and reliable than ever. Starting in the next few months, it will be possible to use it to store the virtual keys of the car or house, but not only. Starting with the United States, it will also be possible scan your identity card so you don’t have to carry the physical version with you. The wallet will soon become just a memory.

Weather forecast

With iOS 15, the design of the Weather app has completely changed. The location tabs will show much more information about the weather conditions. The graphics, thousands, will accurately represent the weather situation of the chosen location. Finally, you will be able to view one in full screen map with relative weather conditions of the area of ​​interest.

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Maps also take a big leap forward with iOS 15. In particular, navigating in cities will be much easier. Starting this year, Apple will release a series of super detailed maps (landmarks, elevations, monuments, etc.) which will make the navigation experience much more enjoyable. The same, of course, will also happen when setting the navigator mode. Going wrong will be practically impossible.

Those just mentioned are all the main innovations of the new iOS 15. We remind you that the update will be available for only some iPhone models and that it will debut on next fall. Look forward to all updates on this.

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Ph. Credit: Apple.com