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Apple: the new MacBook Air finally arrive on Amazon

Apple: the new MacBook Air finally arrive on Amazon

About 10 days ago, Apple shed light on a new MacBook Air model. The various configurations of the new laptop have finally arrived on Amazon. As usual, the well-known e-commerce site never contradicts itself. This turns out to be one of the first stores to stock the new products of the bitten apple. Let’s find out all the details about it.

It was time for the bitten apple company to present a major upgrade to the MacBook Air. The new model, in fact, introduces more powerful processors, doubled internal memory and the much loved Magic Keyboard of MacBook Pro 16 “. All at a very attractive price. Let’s go and discover all the proposals.

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Apple: new MacBook Air to be booked on Amazon

Well yes, all MacBook Air versions are available for pre-order on Amazon. The device appears to be present in the classic three colors: gold, silver and sidereal gray. The memory cuts are 256GB and 512GB. The processors, respectively Intel Core i3 dual core at 1.1 GHz and Intel Core i5 quad core at 1.1 GHz. The prices, for the moment, are those of the list. Consequently, 1229 euros for the version with 256 GB internal memory e 1529 euros for the one with 512 GB internal memory.

Recall that Amazon has also offered the last pieces of the previous generation. The 256GB model, for example, is currently available at a price of 1068 euros. We are talking about a discount of about 400 euros on the list price. Look forward to any updates in this regard.