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Apple: the first shipments of iPad 10.2 officially start

Apple: the first shipments of iPad 10.2 officially start

The house of the bitten apple, Apple presented a new iPad model during the long-awaited event on September 10th. The company’s tablet arrives like a bolt from the blue, no one expected its presentation this month. The device presented replaces the entry level model. The debut was scheduled for September 30th, however, it seems that Cupertino has decided to bring forward shipments a little.

Yes, it seems that Apple is early this year with shipments of new products. The new iPhones have arrived in stores in acceptable quantities, the same goes for the new Series 5 watches. With iPad 10.2, the company has even decided to bring forward the launch timing compared to what was initially communicated. The first shipments of the devices have started in the past few hours.

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Apple: The new iPad 10.2 will be loved by many users

The new tablet of the bitten apple will have a very difficult task, to convince all users on a limited budget. The device starts from a base price of 389 euros and brings interesting innovations to the field compared to the previous generation. We find, in fact, a much larger display and support for the iconic Smart Keyboard. The device is clearly close to the Pro range in many respects. There is no news, however, regarding the internal chip, this remains an A10.

The first devices should have arrived in stores on September 30, but it seems that Apple has decided to anticipate everything. We are aware that the company has already started shipments in the past few hours. The devices, therefore, should arrive in the hands of the buyers a little earlier than expected. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new Cupertino gem too. Look forward to further updates on this.