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Apple: the first benchmarks of the A14X chip emerge on the net

Apple: the first benchmarks of the A14X chip emerge on the net

Next November 10th, Apple will unveil the first, or first, ARM-based Macs. Expectations for the new range are really high. Users have been waiting for this moment for years. Will the new Macs make a difference to the past in terms of power? To tell us, the first benchmarks of the A14X chip appeared online. Here are all the details.

Yes, it seems that the first Mac with an ARM processor will integrate the A14X chip. The first benchmark scores and characteristics have already appeared on the web. How does it differ from Intel processors? Let’s go and find out together.

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Apple: The A14X chip is a real bomb

The first benchmarks of the A14X chip on the GeekBench platform are truly impressive. The processor got a score of 1634 points in single-core and a score of 7220 points in multi-core. These scores are clearly higher than those recorded by the new A14 of the iPhone 12 (1583 points in single-core and 4198 points in multi-core) or by the 16 ”MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 processor. The benchmarks also reveal what should be the key features of the chip. We speak of a 8-core CPU with 1.80 GHz frequency with turbo boost up to 3.10 GHz. Scores were obtained on the basis of a RAM memory of 8 GB.

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Apple will unveil the new Macs with Silicon processor during the next presentation event November 10. There is still no precise information regarding the devices that will be updated. However, we talk about thefull range of MacBook Pros (13 “and 16”). Look forward to further updates on this.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com