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Apple: The first benchmarks of the A14 Bionic chip emerge

Apple: The first benchmarks of the A14 Bionic chip emerge

Apple unveiled a new iPad Air model a few weeks ago. The tablet, among the many innovative features, mounts the brand new A14 Bionic chip. We are talking about the same processor that will most likely also be present on the new iPhone 12 coming soon. In the past few hours, the first benchmarks of the chip have been published. Does it live up to expectations?

The new iPad Air is not yet available on the market. Nevertheless, the well-known leaker Ice Universe managed to get the first benchmarks of the device on the Geekbench 5 platform. Let’s find out together what emerged.

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Apple: will iPhone 12 be faster than the competition?

The A14 Bionic chip scored a single-core score of 1583 points and multi-core of 4198 points. Indeed, as stated by Apple itself, the score is 40% higher than that of the previous generation (iPad Air 2019). The leap in quality is evident. What will change, however, on the iPhone? The score recorded by the A14 Bionic chip on the new iPad Air turns out to be only 20% higher than that recorded by the A13 Bionic chip on the iPhone 11 Pro. The performance improvement here is less noticeable.

What is certain is that the new iPhone 12 will be one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. It remains questionable, however, whether he will be the best performer ever. We remember that Apple may offer a slightly modified version of the chip with 6GB of RAM on the Pro variants. In that case, the scores will rise significantly. Look forward to all updates on this.