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Apple: Siri changes voice with the new beta of iOS 14.5

Apple: Siri changes voice with the new beta of iOS 14.5

Apple continues to do a great job with software updates on its devices. In the past few days, the company has released a new beta of iOS 14.5, the sixth. Among the innovations introduced, a very interesting one concerning the well-known virtual assistant Siri. This will no longer have a default female voice, but will allow you to choose from a variety of tones. Here are all the details about it.

Apple is also working hard to improve its virtual assistant. If until now we have all been used to identifying Siri with a single tone of voice, soon everything will change. iOS 14.5 will allow you to choose between masculine and feminine tone and more.

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Apple: iOS 14.5 brings a new Siri to the field

Siri takes a big step forward. With iOS 14.5, everyone can choose the tone of voice of the virtual assistant. At the forefront, it will be possible to choose between male and female voices. In some countries, including Italy, the assistant will use the NTTS technology (neural text-to-speech) to give more accurate and closer answers to a human voice. The assistant, in this case, will also be able to mimic characteristic accents and cadences. The difference from the past will be evident.

As already mentioned, the novelty was introduced in the beta 6 of iOS 14.5. At the moment, therefore, only developers and beta testers can use it. Unfortunately, all the others will have to wait for the launch of the final version of the update. If the tests go as planned, this will arrive in the next few weeks. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

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ph. credit: Apple.com