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Apple retires iPods: here is the end of an era

Apple retires iPods: here is the end of an era

Launched more than 20 years ago, the first iPod has always been regarded by all as the start of a new era for Apple. Evolved over the years, it has accompanied people of all ages in their daily life. After years of innovation, the story of Apple’s music player comes to an end. In these hours, the company has communicated the decision to permanently stop the production of the latest model, 7th generation iPod touch. The product will remain available in the stores while stocks last.

Well yes, this is the decision taken by Cupertino. Nobody would have said that until a few years ago. It is known, however, that the world of technology runs fast and a device like an iPod, in 2022, no longer made much sense. The product will be remembered for its great contribution in making Apple the great company it is today.

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Apple iPod: the end of an era

It is indeed the end of a great era. iPod was initially born with the sole function of music player. Over the years, however, the initial idea of ​​the product has evolved to obtain something truly unique. Just take a look at models like iPod nano (one of which can somehow be considered the predecessor of Apple Watch) and iPod touch to realize how much Apple had developed the original idea. The latest model on the market, 7th generation iPod touch, it was certainly not a simple music player, on the contrary, it could easily be considered as an iPhone (of the latest generation) without the possibility of being able to make calls. A super functional gadget in 2010, but which in recent years has often been pointed out by almost everyone as useless. Now, you have to hold on to your iPods, because soon you won’t be able to buy a new one.

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Apple disclosed that 7th generation iPod touches will remain on sale in stores while stocks last. After these, many greetings iPod. If you are going to buy a piece for a collection or as a souvenir, then, you better hurry, the stocks could run out quickly. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

Ph credit: Photo by Aegon Boucicault on Unsplash