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Apple presents iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, here are all the news!

Apple presents iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, here are all the news!

The first event of WWDC 2020 has just ended. As we expected, Apple has shed some light on all the new software updates. In this article we are going to focus, in particular, on those for iPhone and iPad. We speak, of course, of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. What changes compared to the past?

The house of the bitten appleApple, has decided to push itself to the limit with its new updates. Both iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 bring truly incredible features to the field. Let’s find out all the details.

iOS 14 finally introduces widgets

The Home screen changes significantly with the new iOS 14. The Cupertino giant has decided to introduce “App library”, A function capable of automatically group all applications. This way, it’s much easier to keep them in order. But that is not all, the long-awaited widgets also arrive. Users can change them to their liking and place them anywhere on the Home screen.

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Cupertino has also decided to introduce a famous iPad feature on the iPhone “picture in picture“. Users can now continue watching videos even outside of apps. For example, you can write notes while watching a TV series and so on.

A big update also arrives for Siri. Apple has worked hard to bridge the gap between its virtual assistant and that of the competition. The result appears to be impressive. Now, Siri turns out to be much smarter. The interface has completely changed and is much more intuitive to use. Now this can play a lot more options.

Apple iOS 14: the app that translates in real time arrives

It has been talked about at length and it has finally become a reality. iOS 14, like iPadOS, introduces the new app “Translate“. This is capable of automatically translate conversations between users. There is no need for an internet connection, the translation can also be done online. We are confident that this will be one of the most popular features of the update.

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Another major iOS 14 addition is the Clips applet’s talk about super light, download-free versions of the various applications. The aim is to let users know as many apps as possible. Of course, these perform only a few simple functions and will disappear once you are done with them.

Apple Maps changes face

Yes, Apple has decided to improve its maps once again. These become more and more accurate with iOS 14 and introduce a number of exclusive innovations. From now on, for example, it is possible to create bike routes. But that’s not all, always to stay on the green theme, the company has also introduced the function that alerts users with electric cars to all compatible service stations.

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Speaking of cars, iOS 14 also brings CarKey and CarPlay on another level. The first allows users to open and use the cars using only their smartphone. The second introduces important new functions never seen before.

iPadOS 14: features of iOS 14 and more

All the functions listed above for iPhone will also be available for iPad with iPadOS 14. Obviously, however, there will be a series of exclusive features for the most famous tablet in the world. Apple has again decided to focus on features that bring iPads closer to real computers. Most of the native apps have been redesigned to be more functional. Now, on many we find a sidebar that allows you to perform the various functions very quickly.

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The focus of the new iPad update is definitely the Apple Pencil. From now on, there will be lots of new possibilities with the little gem of the company. The system is able to intelligently recognize handwriting writing. Users will be able to highlight it, copy it, space it, etc. But that is not all, it will also be possible to write by hand on the search bars and the system will automatically transform what is written into text. Basically, Apple’s idea is to make handwriting as comfortable as typing with the keyboard.

Apple: iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 coming this fall

Those mentioned so far are just the main functions that we will see arriving on our devices with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Both operating systems will be available to everyone by the autumn. iOS 14 will be compatible with all iPhones starting from 6S and with the latest iPod Touch, iPadOS 14 will be compatible with all iPads starting with Air 2. Look forward to further updates on this.