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Apple: One of the iPhone 13 will be completely portless

Apple: One of the iPhone 13 will be completely portless

Just a few weeks after the launch of iPhone 12, the first details about next year’s generation are already beginning to appear. According to a well-known leaker, Jon Prosser, at least one of the new iPhone 13 will be completely “portless”, ie without any port. Apple has been working on technology for some time. Are users ready to transition?

When Cupertino announced the iPhone 12, many were disappointed not to see the arrival of a model with a USB-C port. In the past few hours, Jon Prosser explained why Apple has not yet decided to adopt USB-C ports on its iPhones. Here are all the details about it.

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Apple: will iPhone 13 Pro Max be without ports?

We have been talking about it for a few years, the moment seems to be almost here. Jon Prosser, super reliable leaker when it comes to Apple, stated that at least one of the 4 iPhone 13s will be completely without ports. Apple, to the disappointment of many, therefore, will never adopt USB-C ports on iPhones. According to the leaker, the company prefers to go directly to a revolutionary configuration, in fact, the portless one. 2021 will be a transition year. As already mentioned, only one in four models will have the portless configuration. In 2022, however, all models will be without doors.

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The question that everyone asks themselves, therefore, is: how will the new iPhone 13 portless charge? The answer is a lot simple, Apple will take advantage of MagSafe technology. Prosser claims that the company will refine it to make it 100% reliable. An iPhone without ports would be a real revolution. How will users take it? Look forward to further updates on this.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com