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Apple: officially presented the new iPad Air and iPad mini 5

Apple: officially presented the new iPad Air and iPad mini 5

The company of the bitten apple, Apple, has decided to give a surprise to all its fans. In the past few hours it has in fact launched, without any presentation, two new iPad models. For months there were rumors of the arrival of two new iPads on the market. These have finally arrived. Let’s find out its characteristics.

One thing that will surely surprise many is that the new iPads are not the evolution of iPad 2018. Apple has in fact decided to introduce a new model that is inserted between the iPad Pro and iPad 2018. The name he has decided to give it is inspired by the old tablet models of the bitten apple, iPad Air.

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Apple: the characteristics of the new iPad models

The new iPad Air is nothing more than a slightly modified version of iPad Pro 10.5. The two models, in fact, are practically identical in terms of aesthetics. The only difference is in the camera and the speakers (which are only 2 instead of 4). The new iPad Air has no flash and stops at 8 Megapixel camera resolution. The device is equipped with the brand new chip A12 Bionic. This will make the difference compared to iPad 2018. The other features remain almost the same as iPad Pro 10.5.

The new iPad mini, on the other hand, turns out to be decidedly different from the previous model. If on the one hand the design has remained unchanged, on the other hand numerous internal innovations have been added. The tablet supports Apple Pencil and has the very powerful chip inside A12 Bionic. This will prove to be a trusted companion for anyone who puts portability first. Both iPad Air and iPad mini are offered in 3 colors: silver, space gray and gold. Prices start at 569 euros for the first (64Gb Wi-FI version) e 459 euros for the second (64Gb Wi-Fi version). Both products will be available in stores in the next few days.