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Apple official event on October 18: here’s what to expect

Apple official event on October 18: here’s what to expect

A few weeks afteriPhone 13 presentation event, and not only that, Apple has decided to set a new keynote. The date to be marked on the calendar is next Monday, October 18, at 19:00 Italian time. The company has not disclosed information about the protagonists of the event. The leakers, however, have some ideas.

It is not the first time that Apple has decided to set a keynote in October. In fact, in the past years the company has already used this month of the year to present products of all kinds. As the slogan of the event says, this year we have to “keep strong”, that’s why.

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Apple: here’s who will be the protagonist of the October event

According to what was declared by various leakers, the protagonist, or rather the protagonists, of the Apple event in October will be the MacBook Pro. Apple has been planning to launch its new line of professional laptops for months, the time has finally come. According to rumors of the past few hours, Apple will unveil the high-end MacBook Pros with 14 ″ display equipped with 120Hz miniLED technology and renewed design. The Touch Bar will leave room for physical keys and a new Apple Silicon chip will enter the field, probably theM1X. The same fate will befall the more impressive ones MacBook Pro with 16-inch display. At the moment there is no information regarding the cuts in RAM and internal memory. What is certain is that they will live up to expectations.

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MacBook Pros may not be the only novelty of the event. In fact, Apple could take the opportunity to launch another of the most anticipated products of the year. We speak, of course, of the new third generation AirPods. The earphones, according to forecasts, will have a renewed design compared to the previous generation and will present some small gems that could appeal to many users.

Remember that what you have just read is what the leakers have said about the event. It is not said, however, that it will really happen. For official confirmations we will have to wait for Monday. We, as usual, will keep you updated on everything.

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Ph. Credit: Apple.com