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Apple News + and Apple TV +: here are the two new services of the bitten apple

Apple News + and Apple TV +: here are the two new services of the bitten apple

Apple’s special event ended a few minutes ago and was full of news. As expected, this was entirely focused on the field of services. The platforms introduced were different. A little while ago we told you about what is the new service focused on video games. What will those regarding TV and News be like?

There was talk of the arrival of one Cupertino’s anti-Netflix platform for more than one year. Finally the company has decided to present it. In this article we are going to talk about two important services released this evening: TV + and News +.

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Let’s start with talking about the long-awaited News service. Yes, the Cupertino giant has managed to create what no one had ever managed to create before. We are talking about News +, a platform that contains within it all the most important newspapers and magazines. Users can access it at any time from their device by paying a monthly subscription. Furthermore, everything will be decorated with a decidedly captivating interface.

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The second report presented turns out to be the most anticipated of the year. This has long been called Netflix’s killer. We are talking about Apple TV +, one platform dedicated entirely to Apple-style television. This will be completely ad-free and will bring numerous within it TV series, and more, exclusive. The artists involved are the best in the field. Let’s talk about exponents of the caliber of Ron Howard, Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, jj Abrams, Reese Winterspoon, Oprah Winfrey and many others. There is no doubt that the platform will be a success.

Apple News + will be available immediately to all American and Canadian users at the cost of $ 10 a month. The platform will soon be made available for England and Australia. All other users will have to wait a little longer. Apple TV + will be available in several countries (including Italy should also be) starting next autumn. For the moment, however, no details have been given regarding the price of the subscription. Look forward to further updates on this.