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Apple: MacBook Air 2017 on offer at 759 euros on Amazon


Apple: MacBook Air 2017 on offer at 759 euros on Amazon

The company of the bitten apple, Apple has decided to upgrade its MacBook Air range. This is after a long hiatus. In fact, many complained that the laptop did not yet have a retina display. The new model has arrived, however, the old one continues to be remembered for its iconic design. Now it turns out to be a great time to grab a piece.

Yes, despite Apple KO it on its official store, electronics companies continue to offer it at a lower cost than the new model. In the past few hours, Amazon has decided to offer the device at a really attractive price. Let’s find out what it is.

Apple: here is the iconic MacBook Air on Amazon

Amazon has decided to offer the iconic 2017 version of MacBook Air on offer. Let’s talk about the silver one with the classic apple illuminated on the back. The laptop is still today an excellent compromise for those who need a light device but at the same time powerful enough. This, in fact, is especially suitable for students. The model in promotion on Amazon is the one with 128 GB of internal memory and a fifth-generation 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor.

The list price of the device is 1129 euros. Amazon, on the other hand, offers it to 759 euros. Let’s talk about one 33% discount equal to 370 euros. Let’s talk about the lowest price ever seen for a laptop of the bitten apple. The offer turns out to be an excellent opportunity for those who want to become part of the ecosystem of the bitten apple without spending absurd figures. Look forward to further updates on this.