Apple Mac: the 5 best applications for reading digital books

The Mac over the years it has increased the number of operations that can be carried out by the user and today, in addition to allowing simple reading of emails, web browsing and the possibility of watching a movie, with the increase in popularity of large-screen tablets and smartphones , has become a viable alternative to reading books in digital format. The latest Macs with Retina displays are great devices for accessing the latest bestsellers, but also as a tool for studying heavy university tomes.

In the following article we have collected the five best downloadable applications on Apple’s Mac to be able to read and interact with books in digital format. There are a number of web-enabled e-readers, but we have decided not to include them on our list. Here are our picks for reading books in ePub, PDF, eBook and more for Mac.

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Like all users Mac they know well, iBooks is one of the default applications of Apple which is found from the first start-up of your computer. iBooks has been developed to work perfectly not only on Mac, but also on all mobile devices. It is one of the applications for reading digital books already productive, as thanks to the synchronization through iCloud, allows you to start reading on the Mac and at the end of work to continue reading on iPhone or iPad.

Within the application we find a quick access button that allows you to consult the news of the iBooks Store, where you can download content and allow access to all compatible Apple devices. It is also possible to insert PDF files, so a great way to access them if you have books or documents in this format.

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As for the specifications, iBooks on Mac features most of the same tools and themes as the version for iPhone and iPad, such as the ability to change the color of the pages, including white, sepia, gray and black, the size of the text and the customizations of the font. Added to these are tools for highlighting, consulting dictionaries, the ability to add notes, share and print PDF documents, voice overs and much more. If you have an ecosystem of Apple devices, we recommend iBooks as software for reading digital books on Mac.


The reader Kindle on Mac is the ideal application for users who buy, rent or borrow digital books from Amazon, which offers the largest collection of digital books currently available. When you log in to your own Amazon account, you can access all the Amazon books that you have downloaded in your library. While you can’t access the bookstore from the Kindle app, when you buy a book on Amazon, it will automatically be added to your collection, which can be accessed from any type of device, be it Apple, Android or Windows.

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Amazon also offers a book rental service and is especially useful for ad subscribers Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers over a hundred free ebooks, magazines, and more. In addition to the free version, Amazon has also introduced the subscription service, Kindle Unlimited which allows you to have access to around one million titles, including magazines and newspapers, for a monthly price.

Kindle on Mac has a lot of customization features. It is possible to change the theme of your choice between black, white or sepia, adjust the style and size of the font in order to personalize your reading experience. It is also possible to add notes and bookmarks. One of the most interesting features is the ability to navigate through the sections most highlighted by other users. We recommend Kindle to anyone who doesn’t have an ecosystem Apple and to those who have a Prime subscription or want to have access to always new books with the subscription service Unlimeted.

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OneDrive Reader

OneDrive Reader is one of the best applications for borrowing digital content from a large local public library. All you need is an active library card and a PIN. Just like borrowing physical books, you can browse your local library’s entire collection of digital content and borrow them at the same time.

When you borrow a eBook or else, you can download it to your Mac and access it for the entire period of a loan. When the loan period has expired, you won’t need to worry about repaying it, as it will automatically be removed from your personal library. OneDrive Reader is a software for reading digital content with web support, but it falls into this list because it accesses a public library.

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Even if you have to log into a Web browser to download the books, it will then be possible to access them offline directly from the Mac. Without an internet connection it is necessary to remember the page you have reached, so we recommend that you use a network at least to synchronize the last page read.

Among its tools, OnDrive Reader allows you to change font color, font and size, add notes, highlight content and have Voice support for some titles. It also supports fixed layout digital books, such as comics and magazines.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is an ePub reader that allows you to read and access digital books on Mac without having to download or upload them to a cloud server. Once ADE is installed on your Mac, you can select it as a reader of any file in ePub or PDF format, so you can send the reading at any time.

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With ADE you can add bookmarks, highlight text and add notes to pages and paragraphs. In addition, thanks to the Mac search tool, it allows you to search for a phrase or word within the digital book.


BookReader is a digital book reader compatible with all digital formats. Indeed, it supports EPUB, MOBI, PRC, FB “, Microsoft DOC, RTF, RTFD, XHTML, WebArchive and TXT. The only requirement is that the files are DRM-freeso before accessing a book you must make sure that it does not have digital rights protection.

It is possible to store all the books in a dedicated section for faster and more intuitive access. BookReader has numerous features that make it a valid alternative for reading digital content on Mac, such as the realistic effect of turning pages, hypertext support, the Text to Speech function and fully customizable color options. It is also possible to change the font, the background of the pages and much more. BookReader is a subscription service, which gives you access to a lot of e-book files, but you can take advantage of a seven-day trial period before registering.

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