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Apple: iPhone grater could become reality very soon

Apple: iPhone grater could become reality very soon

It seems that Apple is evaluating several new aesthetic solutions for its iPhone. In recent days, the company has patented theiPhone gratera smartphone with a design reminiscent of the new Mac Pro. According to the document, an iPhone by this type would bring several advantages in the field. Here are all the details about it.

To report the details of the new Apple patent, as usual, the site PatentlyApple. As already mentioned, this shows a new, very interesting, design for future iPhone users. No longer a flat body, but a “grater” like that of the company’s new professional computer. The reason for all this? Guarantee super performance!

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Apple: the iPhone of the future will be inspired by the Mac Pro

We already know that the iPhone 13 will have a design identical to that of the 12. However, nothing is known yet regarding future devices. The new patent issued by the company points towards a rather particular solution. The document shows an iPhone with a “grater” shell like that of the Mac Pro. Thanks to it, the heat generated by the device will disperse much more easily and the performance of the chip will significantly improve. Overheating will no longer be a problem.

Recall that, currently, the A14 chips of the iPhone 12 do not exploit all their power precisely because of the overheating problem. Apple needs to find a way to deal with this obstacle. Will the Mac Pro’s grater design solve it all? Look forward to all updates on this.

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Ph. Credit: uspto.gov