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Apple: iPhone 13 will keep the notch, but it will be smaller

Apple: iPhone 13 will keep the notch, but it will be smaller

In a few days, Apple will finally present the new iPhone 12. Meanwhile, a well-known leaker, Ice Universehas decided to talk about the future iPhone 13. According to reports, the iPhone by 2021 will continue to keep the iconic notch at the top of the display. The only difference will be in the size. Here are all the details.

Although it has not yet been presented, the leakers have confirmed that the new iPhone 12 will not undergo changes to the display notch. It is for this reason that many will wait for the iPhone 13 in the hope of its removal. The bad news, however, has come in the past few hours. Will it really be like this?

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Apple: the notch will not disappear on the iPhone by 2021

Yes, all those who believed to see the notch from the display of the iPhone 13 disappear will be disappointed. According to what was declared by Ice Universe, this will still be present but will have slightly smaller dimensions than the one seen so far. In particular, it will be thinner. Apple is constantly working on a way to eliminate it permanently but, at the moment, it still hasn’t been able to find a suitable solution. Obviously, the house will do everything to convince users to buy.

Ice Universe is famous for having given, in the past, various information in advance on the products of the bitten apple. A leak like this, however, turns out to be very risky. There is still a long time left to launch the new iPhone and Apple could decide to change its mind about its plans at any moment. The hopes, therefore, are not yet completely exhausted. Look forward to further updates on this.