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Apple iPadOS: we discover the new operating system designed for iPad

Apple iPadOS: we discover the new operating system designed for iPad

A few hours ago, the colossus of the bitten apple, Apple has unveiled its new software updates. Among all those revealed, there is one that is a real surprise for everyone. The Cupertino house has, in fact, decided to launch an autonomous operating system for its range of tablets, iPad. This is called iPadOS. What are the differences compared to iOS?

Since its launch in 2010, iPad has always supported iOS as an operating system. In a world, however, where iPad becomes more and more autonomous every year, iOS becomes restrictive. This is most likely the idea that led the company with the bitten apple to launch a dedicated operating system for its tablet. In this article we are going to find out what are the news.

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Apple iPadOS: priority on multitasking

Apple couldn’t help but choose a simple name for its new operating system, iPadOS. This is meant to give the bitten apple tablets full potential. The new operating system can be considered as an “expanded” iOS 13. iPadOS, in fact, has all the features of iOS 13 and, in addition, functions designed specifically for iPad. Multitasking is at the fore. Significant enhancements of the function were presented Split-View and numerous associated gestures.

iPad becomes more professional than ever. Safari now displays desktop websites and Apple Pencil becomes more responsive than ever. The Files application also changes, the new arrangement of documents in columns allows you to see more information on the screen.

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These are just some of the innovations that Apple has decided to introduce on iPad with the new dedicated operating system. We remember that iPadOS will see the light next September. This is supported on all iPads starting with iPad Air 2. Please look forward to further updates on this.