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Apple: iOS 14 codes confirm ToF sensor on iPhone 12 Pro

Apple: iOS 14 codes confirm ToF sensor on iPhone 12 Pro

The searches for information on Apple devices continue within the iOS 14 codes. After talking yesterday about the possibility ofarrival of a Plus version of the iPhone 9today, let’s talk about the much talked about iPhone 12. Parts of the Apple OS code appear to confirm the presence of a ToF sensor on two iPhone 12 models. Let’s find out all the details about it together.

For several weeks now we have been talking about the possible features of the future iPhone 12. It seems that the company with the bitten apple wants to surprise everyone this year. Most likely, four smartphones will be released next September. Two standard iPhone 12 and two Pro variants. The latter will feature an exclusive Time-of-Flight sensor. Here’s what it will do.

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Apple: the ToF sensor is coming to the new iPhone 12 Pro

There has been talk of the presence of the ToF sensor on the iPhone 12 for quite some time now. Official confirmation of this, however, never arrived. In the past few hours, 9to5Mac found clear references of this addition to the device precisely in the codes of iOS 14. The ToF sensor will use infrared to create 3D models of surrounding objects. This will be used by Apple for various augmented reality functions.

Recall that the particular sensor should also arrive on the next generation of iPad Pro. However, at the moment, there are no official confirmations. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will both have a renewed design and features that are the envy of any smartphone on the market. Look forward to further updates on this.