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Apple: iOS 14.5 introduces important new privacy settings

Apple: iOS 14.5 introduces important new privacy settings

After a long wait, Apple has finally released its new iOS 14.5 software update. This leads to the field a series of interesting news. One of the most important, it increases the awareness and privacy of users. What is it about? Let’s find out together in this article.

Anyone shopping online knows about it. Whenever you enter an online shopping app, and beyond, it acquires a series of personal data for advertising purposes. It is no coincidence, in fact, that immediately after seeing a product online, it often appears among online advertisements or on social media. For Apple, the user must be aware of the data he is releasing and free to avoid tracking by companies. Here, then, is born “transparency of tracking“. how does it work?

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Apple IOS 14.5: this is how the transparency of the tracking works

“Tracking transparency” is one of the long-awaited new features of the new iOS 14.5. Apple has been talking about it for quite a while now. Thanks to the feature, users can now decide whether to share their data with companies or not. Every time a new app is downloaded, iPhone will send a request for consent to be tracked by it. The user can independently decide whether to consent or not. Tracking transparency can be turned on / off within the device settings.

Although very interesting, not everyone liked the function. For months, several companies (eg Facebook) have complained about the choice made by Cupertino. There have been several attempts to get them to back off. Nothing to do, Apple continues to focus on the trust of its users, who are quite happy with the news.

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We remember that iOS 14.5 is already available for download for all iPhones from 6S onwards. If you have not already done so, you can download the update directly via your device via the settings. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com