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Apple changes strategy with the iPhone 14 and approaches Android

Apple changes strategy with the iPhone 14 and approaches Android

When Apple introduced the original iPhone, many laughed at the crazy idea of ​​launching a phone without a keyboard, or its claim to fight against the once powerful telecommunications companies. Fifteen years later, we see that the company that Tim Cook now runs was right in many approaches, but that does not mean that it has not gone back in many others.

The importance of screen size

Steve Jobs was determined that the iPhone could be used with one hand, so he refused to allow the screens of this product to increase in size, in a similar way that those of Android began to do, especially after the presentation of the Samsung. Galaxy note.

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As you all know, the company also backtracked on this, and ended up launching Plus, Max and Pro versions of different models, with larger screens than seen up to that time.

However, until 2021, if a user wanted a large screen, they had to opt for one of the most expensive iPhones, because in addition to that larger screen, it had better battery life, cameras, software functions… That seems to change in 2022 .

The big screen comes to the cheapest iPhone

In a twist that we already saw in Android a few years ago, Apple would be developing a new iPhone model, outside the Pro family but, and this is the novelty, with a large screen size.

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Possible iPhone 14 series

In recent years we have seen the regular iPhone, a Mini version and Pro versions. One of them is the one with the largest screen size.

In 2022 we expect two normal iPhones and two Pro models. Of the normal ones, one would be the iPhone 14, successor to the iPhone 13, but there would be a version of this terminal with a larger screen, perhaps called the iPhone 14 Max.

Possible iPhone 14 series

In this way, the iPhone 14 would be separated into two families, the Pro and the normal, both having an option with a contained screen size and another option with a large screen size.

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People value big screens, not extreme power

This movement by Apple is a success because until now they have ignored something that many people care about: having a mobile with a large screen without implying that the rest of the specifications are triggered.

Possible iPhone 14 series

The average user doesn’t care so much that the camera is the best it can be, that we have advanced augmented reality features or a top-notch audio recording system.

What you are looking for, above all, is good autonomy, a large screen… and little else. In fact, it would be strange if this supposed iPhone 14 Max did not become the best seller of the 4 iPhones that are supposed to be presented this fall.

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