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Apple: A Leaked Online Manual Reveals The New iPad Air!


Apple: A Leaked Online Manual Reveals The New iPad Air!

A new iPad Air model is about to hit the market. In the past few hours, photos of the alleged official manual of the Apple device have been leaked online. This will be significantly different from the previous generation and will look more like the variants Pro. Let’s find out all the details about it together.

We have been talking about the debut of a new iPad Air model for several weeks now. It seems that the time is near. After talking about the registration of devices with the Eurasian Economic Commission, here are the images of what will be the design of the device, but not only. What will be the strength of the new tablet?

Apple: iPad Air will have Touch ID integrated into the power button

To publish the images of the manual of the new iPad Air, the leaker DuanRui. The photos depict several pages containing interesting information about the device. The design will be very similar to that of the new iPad Prosquare shell and full-screen display with reduced bezels. The Home button with Touch ID will then disappear, but Face ID will not be introduced. To contain costs, in fact, Apple would have decided to revive the Touch ID, however, integrated into the power button. If so, we would find ourselves in front of the first Apple device with a fingerprint recognition system implemented in a component other than the Home button.

The approach to the Pro variants does not stop here, the manual also reads that the lightning port will be replaced by USB-C. The iPad Air, in practice, will be a very similar, but lighter version of the Pros that everyone loves. The debut of the device on the market is scheduled for this fall. Look forward to all updates on this.