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Android N: Chrome can be run side-by-side

Android N: Chrome can be run side-by-side

The multi-windows of the next Android N is certainly one of the most anticipated features by fans of the “stock” operating system Google, as it very simply allows two applications to run simultaneously on the screen, thus giving space to the user’s imagination and needs to be expressed. In the first two Developer Preview of Android N this functionality, however already implemented and tested by other third-party UI, has given its good results in terms of fluidity and stability. However, one thing that few had thought about is the fact of being able to open the same application and put it side-by-side and have them run at the same time. Of course, some might object to the redundancy of the operation, but if we think about web browsing, it could be an unexpected convenience.

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In third Developer Preview of the new Android published by Google in conjunction with the Google I / O 2016, it is possible in fact to launch the Chrome browser twice and basically browse to two different sites at the same time. Furthermore, being a multi-windows function, the open application will be only one, but seen externally it is as if it were a real multitasking, as we have been used to doing for years on PC. To do this, in the new preview version of Google Chrome there is the option “Move to another window”. That said, it will also be possible to decide the size of the window and the position.

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The question many are vaguely skeptical about is whether this multi-windows will finally arrive in the full version of Android N or, as happened for Marshmallow, it will be hidden in the Developer Settings. In our opinion Google and its mobile OS have reached such a maturity that they are “almost forced” to release this feature which is already abundantly available in rival smartphones; it will therefore be a necessary move in order not to lag behind from this point of view.
So waiting to find out what the next two beta versions planned for Android N, what would you like to see in Google’s next major update? As seen so far, is the new Android convincing you? Let us know with a comment below the news.