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Android applications to summarize texts – App El Tiempo

Android applications to summarize texts – App El Tiempo

Summarizing texts will always be an activity that can become tedious over time. This is why technology has adapted to the needs of users to facilitate this type of task.

In the same way that there are ‘apps’ that can convert photos to text, there are tools that help to synthesize text to photos or videos.

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Text Summary is an application created to automatically and quickly summarize texts, which will select the most relevant information from books or texts. Users can use it to summarize files of all sizes, web pages or photos.

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By downloading the ‘app’, they can copy and paste the text, copy and paste the web page link and even take photos of the texts or images of the texts that are on the phone and then import them.

The tool will also ask you to choose the percentage in relation to the size of the text that you want to obtain as a summary to obtain a result according to the user’s needs.

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Addition! Axtrat

Suma!, meanwhile, can summarize texts using a relatively simple but effective algorithm to extract key sentences and phrases from the text to create a bulleted list-style summary.

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The focus of this app is on texts of all sizes. Users can access it for free from its app store.

Also. you can share a summary through various means (email, twitter, facebook, whatsapp, text message, etc.)

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Summary Tool

Summarizer is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology that uses natural language processing to locate critical information while maintaining the original context.

Summarizer can be used to create a brief summary of a document or even a large document in a shorter text version, preserving the most important information using algorithms.

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