Android 13 will allow you to copy and paste text and images between all your connected devices

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OnePlus Clipt is a great app to have a clipboard that we can use on the different devices where we have the app and browser extension installed. it is now that Google has finally found a solution. via Near Share, updated big does nothing, so you can copy and paste between devices.

Copy and paste between your Android devices 13

Android 13 will have some very interesting capabilities such as dimming wallpapers, but it also includes another novelty, which can already be tested on these terminals, which allows copying and pasting between connected devices.

Just copy something on one device, share it with another, and paste it wherever you want. It was during Google I/O 2022, via 9to5Google, where Liza Ma demonstrated this feature to paste universally across all devices.

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This is how copy and paste works

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In essence, you’ll be able to share your clipboard via Near Share as seen in the keynote, so you can send text or images to another device. In fact, Near Share now makes it easy to share files between devices on the same network.

The truth is that we are not yet in front of that clipboard that allows us to copy on one device and simply use the paste function on another, but at least it will prevent us from using other alternatives such as messaging or email apps to send those texts or images

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This new feature will be coming to all Android 13 devices in the fall, so it will be a matter of time before copying and pasting becomes easier than it is now on an Android phone. A novelty that we know just like Google Maps that will include exceptional graphics for the capitals or all those new devices announced.

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