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Android 12, here are the new features that are about to arrive

Android 12, here are the new features that are about to arrive

It’s been nearly two months since Google released the first developer preview of Android 12, and not long before the arrival of the latest and final, before the global release of the software update. Thanks to leaks, in-depth practice tests and code searches, something is already known about the new features of Google’s operating system. Some are very interesting news, while others are improvements especially from the point of view of design and usability. Let’s find out below.

The new features of Android 12

Native support for taking extended screenshots It has been a highly coveted request from users and it looks like it is finally coming to Android 12. Although the rollout in the build that has been posted so far is incomplete, we can see that Google has made some improvements behind the scenes. For example, instead of scrolling down the page while capturing the view, implementing the expanded screenshot under development simply opens a separate task with an expanded view of the page you want to capture and asks you to manually select the area you wish to acquire.

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Prior to the release of Android 12, we heard that the company is revamping the feature split screen multitasking of Android. In the first and second developer previews, the new “App Pairs” feature was noticed, but it is completely incomplete in its current state. Interestingly, the “split screen” button in the recent apps overview has been changed to “add to top”. By tapping this button, the current app will occupy the top, 1/4 of the display until you tap another app in the recent apps overview, causing both apps to split evenly across the screen.