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An invasion of giant snails is worrying Florida

An invasion of giant snails is worrying Florida

An invasion of African giant snails is causing much concern in South Florida. In addition to destroying buildings and land, they can be really dangerous for us humans. Indeed they are carriers of a parasite that could affect the respiratory tract and cause meningitis. They are considered as big as rats and it is not the first time they have colonized this country.

They were sighted as early as the 1960s and 73s. The city of Port Richey, due to the giant snails, will therefore be in quarantine for three years. To combat them, a pesticide, metaldehyde, will be used, which remains harmless to plants and fruits, but not to giant snails. Furthermore, citizens they will not be able to move plants, yard waste, debris, compost and building material outside the demarcated area. This was established by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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Florida, 3 years of quarantine for the invasion of giant snails

They are originally from Central Africa and most likely came to America because of the illegal trade in animals. They feed on over 500 species of plants and concrete and produce over 1200 eggs per year. They have both male and female reproductive systems and do not need a partner to procreate. They also have no natural predators and their lifespan is up to 9 years.

Also and above all for this reason, while the recovery, disinfection and quarantine operations have already begun, it is recommended not to touch them except with the help of gloves. The import and possession of African giant snails are not permitted. So, Anyone who saw them, is the Department’s appeal, report immediately. They are voracious and reproduce quickly.

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