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An asteroid will visit us this Sunday

An asteroid will visit us this Sunday

L’asteroid 2022 KY4 it will pass close to Earth tomorrow, Sunday, July 17, getting closer to our planet than it ever has in the last 100 years. The asteroid of diameter of almost 90 metersin fact, it will be located about 6.1 million kilometers from Earth.

Asteroid 2022 KY4 will pass by the Earth just tomorrow

2022 KY4, will still be at a safe distance from Earth, which is more than 16 times the average distance between Earth and the moon, according to NASA. The asteroid moves around our Planet ad an estimated speed of about 27,000 km / h.

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This space rock, measuring 88 meters precisely at its widest visible point, has already made several close approaches to Earth. The last time it passed us was in 1959 and before that in 1948. And we won’t see this asteroid so close to our planet. at least until May 2048according to NASA’s calculations.

The importance of studying and identifying space rocks

NASA and other large space agencies continue to monitor the passage of these objects that come to be near our planet. Even if it may seem to us that the distances they pass from the Earth are more than safe, there is an extremely small chance that the asteroid’s orbit may shift slightly after interacting with the gravity of a larger object, such as a planet.

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This could mean that an asteroid that is millions of kilometers from our planet, even with a very small displacement, could potentially find itself at the end. on a collision course with Earth in a future overflight.

In this regard, NASA and ESA are continuing testing and research for the DART projecta mission that aims to defend us from space rocks by diverting them from their trajectory by colliding with a spaceship.

Ph. Credit: Photo by A Owen from Pixabay