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Amazon launches Kindle Oasis: new top-of-the-range 7-inch water-resistant e-reader


Amazon launches Kindle Oasis: new top-of-the-range 7-inch water-resistant e-reader

Amazon, a well-known international online e-commerce portal and world-renowned digital service provider, launches its new digital book reader ten years after the first version of the terminals was publicly launched. This is a new digital reading solution that offers performance and features that, compared to the original model, stand on the sidelines of a top-of-the-range system that now offers a decidedly larger display and a series of decidedly innovative and interesting distinctive features.

As highlighted by Censis in its latest public report on the evolutionary trend and habits of use of digital systems, the way of using content is literally changing in contrast to a past that now appears too far from today’s logic. Multimedia systems are changing, digital publishing is changing, and you know it well Amazon which is at the forefront with exciting new products such as the new Kindle Oasis.

Kindle Oasis is the latest gimmick Amazon for the segment of digital books and corresponds to a component equipped with a large 7-inch display capable of withstanding exposure to liquids in immersion for a maximum time of 60 minutes at a depth of 2 meters. This is the second version of the model released on the market in 2016 and proved to be a clear failure on the sales market due to its very high price (well € 290).

Amazon therefore we try again with a high-end product that will reach the public at a cost of € 250 but with a series of innovations that certainly do not take a back seat. It is a unity Amazon Kindle Oasis equipped with a 7-inch Paperwhite display and “with the same precision and typographic quality of a book on printed paper and without reflections, even in direct sunlight“, as claimed by the manufacturer itself.

Furthermore, based on international IPX8 protection compliance standards, it can also be immersed in fresh water up to two meters deep, for a maximum of one hour and is therefore suitable for use in a bathtub or swimming pool. Be that as it may, no information regarding resistance data for saltwater diving.

At 7 inches Amazon Kindle Oasis display specific data are also matched which highlight the presence of units with an output resolution of 300ppi which, therefore, guarantee a greater range of readability and therefore a greater number of characters per page compared to previous revisions of products equipped with 6-inch screens. diagonal. Furthermore, to all this is added the added value of new hardware capabilities that allow faster interaction with system functions.

It is a product that lends itself well to readers who do not want to compromise by choosing entry-level solutions designed for a general audience target. However, the introductory price could worry even the wildest readers. In fact, many could be satisfied with the cheap basic versions granted at € 70 or at most of the Voyage models that report a price list of € 190, high but still far from the last proposal. At the center we then have theAmazon Kindle PaperWhite which corresponds to the right compromise and the right balance between the two previous solutions both in terms of quality and price.

The new Amazon Kindle Oasis will be officially available starting next October 31st 2017 with pre-order already started at the time of writing. Will you buy it or will you turn your attention to lower-end proposals? Is it really worth the $ 250 for a digital e-reader? To you the arduous sentence.