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Amazon: 180 euros discount on the new MacBook Air 2019!

Amazon: 180 euros discount on the new MacBook Air 2019!

Amazon never contradicts itself. After a very short time from the previous promotion launched, this one has decided to propose one new interesting offer regarding the new MacBook Air model presented last July. We are talking about a brand new product that turns out to be difficult to find on a discount. What will the e-commerce promotion consist of?

We often tell you about the interesting promotions that Amazon offers. MacBook e Apple products in general they always appear to be at the forefront. Today we are going to talk to you about aoffer that should appeal to many fans of the bitten apple. Let’s find out together what it is.

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Amazon: MacBook Air 2019 128 GB with 180 euros discount

Cupertino updated its MacBook Air range last July. The novelty inside the device is the new True Tone retina display that makes the visual experience much better than the previous generation. The device continues to mount eighth generation dual core intel core i5 processors. The model on offer on amazon is the basic one with 128GB internal memory. The company offers the device, in all its colors, at the cost of 1099 euros. Let’s talk about one discount of 180 euros compared to 1279 euros in the price list.

The offer turns out to be very interesting for those who want to approach the Apple world for the first time without spending an absurd amount for a laptop. MacBook Air, in fact, turns out to be an excellent compromise for many types of users. We remind you that the offer is for a limited time and that the price could change at any moment. Look forward to further updates on this.