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Alzheimer’s and sleep disorders: new link discovered


Alzheimer’s and sleep disorders: new link discovered

The Alzheimer’s disease it is still one of those mysterious diseases if only due to the fact that not exactly all the mechanisms that lead to its onset are known. There are a lot of hypotheses, discovered especially in the last ones. The last concerns sleep disorders and specifically the fact that poor sleep is able to accelerate the onset and worsening of symptoms.

Previous laboratory analyzes have seen an increase in daily fluctuations in cerebrospinal fluid beta-amyloid levels. The new study looked at specific cells, i macrophages. The latter’s work has been unstable precisely in people with the disease. Their job is actually to clean out the beta-amyloid levels.

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Alzheimer’s: the importance of sleep and the circadian cycle

The researchers put it: “These data highlight that circadian regulation in immune cells may play a role in the intricate relationship between the circadian clock and Alzheimer’s disease. Although the targeting of Aβ as a therapeutic strategy has had limited success, the accumulation of Aβ is still considered a crucial step in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease. As for the nature of circadian disruption, there is still a lot to understand. “

A new road has been assigned. If for the layman this discovery does not say much, it allows researchers to focus better on other aspects obviously linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The hope is to find more and more effective targeted treatments for delay or mitigate the onset of symptoms. Avoiding it altogether is utopia at the moment.