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‘Aliens are among us, I saw one’ – Shock statement from a former NASA engineer

‘Aliens are among us, I saw one’ – Shock statement from a former NASA engineer

The mystery linked to the existence or otherwise of aliens continues to affect millions of people around the world. It is a case that has always been debated, there are many people convinced of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, however there are no official confirmations in this regard and the NASA she has always been very cautious.

It will not be easy to solve the mystery, only time and scientific research will be able to give exhaustive answers, the conquest of Mars could be decisive in this sense, in the meantime, however, comes a sensational statement by a former employee of the American aerospace agency. Let’s find out together what this person said.

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Aliens exist, word of Clark McClelland

Do you know the science fiction movies where we can see aliens on our planet? Here, this is the picture outlined by Clark McClelland. The former NASA engineer, during the monitoring operations, claims to have seen an alien.

It would be a very tall creature, approx three meters. And it’s not the only sighting that McClelland, now retired, talks about. Over the course of his long career he would see evidence of the existence of aliens several times.

We are talking about a high profile professional, involved in over 800 operations NASA. On his site, stargate-chronicles, Clark makes available to all the sensational stories of him. Aliens are on our planet and the relationship with man has continued for centuries according to him.

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Public opinion is divided, according to a poll conducted by The Express, the 57% of respondents believe the former engineer’s version, while 43% believe it is a well-orchestrated hoax. This version seems to be reflected in the little official information available on McClelland.

Source: express.co.uk