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Alfaland becomes the new Android partner

Alfaland becomes the new Android partner

Alfaland signs an agreement with Android to become one of the main distributors of devices in Spain, with the ability to perform a Zero-touch configuration.

Since Alfalandia They explain: “Being a Google partner is not only a privilege, it is also a guarantee of professionalism and good work. It is an award for constant and quality work. With Alfaland your information will be safe. In addition, you will have at your disposal the best team of professionals. Opting for a Zero-Touch system not only guarantees an improvement in your productivity, but you will also see how your operating expenses and human errors decrease substantially. You will see how the times in the device configuration processes decrease, which will allow you to optimize your assets”.

  Portaltic.-Google Play requires app updates to have at least Android 10

This type of implementation allows customers’ devices to be put into operation remotely, avoiding human contact and possible problems that may arise from their manual handling. In addition, it is capable of defining the configuration of a large number of devices, without having to take it out of the box and in a short space of time.

“Our experience tells us that the process of manually setting up equipment has traditionally required a lot of man-hours, as well as being susceptible to errors and mismanagement. Betting on the Zero-Touch tool and Alfaland is a commitment to eliminate these errors, saving time, maximizing performance and trusting in quality work«, they conclude.