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AirTag: anti-stalking news introduced in the beta 4 of iOS 15.4

AirTag: anti-stalking news introduced in the beta 4 of iOS 15.4

In these days, Apple has launched the new beta 4 of iOS 15.4. Among the innovations introduced with the release, there is also a series of anti-stalking measures aimed at limiting the illegal use of AirTags. As you well know, there are still numerous cases of crimes carried out using the tracking of Apple trackers. Will the new measures be able to reduce the phenomenon?

The privacy issue is a very hot topic when it comes to AirTag. Despite the great utility of the devices, they make it very easy to track people to commit crimes. After i first security updates really ineffective, Apple has decided to move. Let’s find out how.

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AirTag: the beginning of a series of updates aimed at eliminating stalking

Apple has kept its promise not long ago. Security updates for AirTag, and more, are starting to arrive. The first novelties were unearthed by 9to5Mac within the latest beta of iOS 15.4. Primarily, the update introduced a new warning message during the activation phase of the AirTags. This message informs users that AirTags are designed for the purpose of tracking personal items. Below, it reads, that any use of the device to track people without their consent is a crime in many countries. In practice, with the novelty, the company tries to inform people of the legal repercussions that could arise due to improper use of the device. But that is not all. In fact, the settings interface of the “Where is” app has also been changed. Now, two new items appear: “Customize Where’s notifications” And “Customize tracking notifications“. Within both sections it is possible to choose, according to your needs, if and how to receive notifications regarding, for example, the presence of an unknown AirTag nearby.

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These are the only innovations launched by Apple regarding the security of AirTags launched with the new beta of iOS 15.4. However, the work of the house has only just begun. In the next updates, Apple will enrich the “Where is” app with a series of functions that should neutralize the problem of stalking. What will he think about? Look forward to all updates on this.