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Air transport: a new three-wing aircraft will revolutionize it


Air transport: a new three-wing aircraft will revolutionize it

SE Aeronauticsthe world leader in air transport in terms of technology and sustainability, has announced the arrival of a new aircraft capable of reducing fuel emissions by 70% and CO2 emissions by 80%. This is done thanks to the three vehicle wings on the sides that allow for a lighter aircraft design.

It is called SE200 and this means of transport promises to renew what is the air transport known so far, carrying up to 264 passengers with a range of over 10,000 miles. The aircraft was designed and built during the Covid-19 pandemic so it was given greater importance and attention to the circulation of flows to avoid diseases that can be transmitted through the air.

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The new three-winged aircraft revolutionizes air travel

The aircraft is equipped with an air-powered ventilation system, thus allowing the flow of air and never to return to the cabin if it is contaminated. The new technology and the new design are able to reduce fuel and carbon dioxide emissions precisely for support sustainability. In addition, the three-wing design allows for a more comfortable journey over long distances and a smoother start and landing.

The construction is entirely made of composite, molded in a single stronger and safer medium. Plus the built-in wings are thin and long enough for one perfect aerodynamics throughout the aircraft. It also features a one-piece fuselage where fuel will be stored in sealing air chambers right above the fuselage. As we know transport growth continues to increase each time with an average of 15 yearsenough to bring air traffic to over 16 billion passengers and over 400 million tons of freight by 2050.

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This growth has remained constant even with the various financial crises and pandemics we are experiencing. Obviously this can put the world on hold, but a lot soon everything will return to normal and also air traffic. Not only will we pass all of these metrics, but we will also be able to build these aircraft in less than half the time it takes to normally build an aircraft of its size. This aircraft will be the most practical, profitable and permanent solution for the technology of airliners currently underperforming.

Ph. Credit: SE Aeronautics