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Air pollution: new record levels of greenhouse gases

Air pollution: new record levels of greenhouse gases

L’air pollution it is a growing problem and not only in itself due to the negative effects, but because it is getting worse. According to new records, greenhouse gas concentrations are increasing so much that they hit record highs last year, despite the fact that lockdown scattered all over the world. Bad news, but that could help the meeting called COP26 where the leaders of the world will meet to decide once again how to move.

This meeting will be held in Gaslow and will last 13 days, from October 31st to November 12th. The words of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Minister Scott Morrison: “I am very worried because it could go wrong, touch and go. We want our heavy industries, such as mining, to remain open, competitive and adapt, so that they remain viable as long as global demand allows. “

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Air pollution: getting worse

The words instead of the president of theWorld Meteorological Organization: “The Greenhouse Gas Bulletin contains a scientific and rigid message for climate change negotiators at COP26. “With the current rate of increase in greenhouse gas concentrations, by the end of this century we will see a temperature rise far above the Paris Agreement targets of 1.5 to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. . “

With each passing year the situation is getting worse and it’s no wonder that warnings have always been raised. One of the problems is perhaps an excessive, albeit with hindsight almost justified, in the past decades on the subject that has led many not to believe in disastrous scenarios. Now these are showing up.