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A Samsung fan swaps the S22 Ultra for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and… couldn’t be happier

A Samsung fan swaps the S22 Ultra for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and… couldn’t be happier

After a lifetime of buying Samsung smartphones, he tries the iPhone 13 Pro Max and is blown away.

07/16/2022 10:01

The rivalry between iOS and Android is taken to the extreme by many users, to the point of not being able to see the good on the other side. This happened to this Samsung fanatic, a user since the first Galaxy S1 who had never considered buying an iPhone. However, after using the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for a while and feeling disappointed, he decided to give the iPhone 13 Pro Max a try.

according to ah insomniac PedroDragón50la The latest Samsung devices do not have the quality of the previous ones And that led him to try the latest Apple iPhone. An opportunity that he does not regret and with which he reveals that “he could not be happier.”

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This Samsung fanatic switched to the iPhone and has no regrets

I’m a Samsung user since the Galaxy S1 and I never thought I’d see myself using an iPhone, at least not while the OS was so closed. I recently gave away my Note 9 (an amazing phone by the way) and bought the S22U. I was very surprised to find that the experience on the S22U was so bad. I found myself looking at the iPhone 13 Pro Max and decided to give it a try, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Highlights

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple’s best iPhone ever and while Peter still doesn’t like some things about iOS, he reckons the iPhone is a superior device to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in many ways.

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Although the operating system is a bit restrictive for my taste, it was not a problem at all. Voice commands like texting, making calls, and opening apps are much better than on Android. I found myself making a shortcut to use Google search because Siri’s web search is a bit lacking, but a bit of tweaking makes it usable.

A very favorable point of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is its battery, and we are not surprised. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery becomes humbling Compared to other equivalent devices, it is the high-end smartphone with the longest battery life.

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The battery life of the 13 Pro Max is incredible, I couldn’t be happier. I love that I don’t have to keep an eye on the battery bar and plan a quick charge in an emergency

iPhone or Android which is better?

In addition to the drums, Peter also highlights the sound. In the iPhone 13 Pro Max we have a double stereo fin, one in the lower area and one in the upper area. iPhones have always stood out for sound, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an example.

The sound is very well balanced between the top and bottom speakers, and the sound is very full, especially the small one (compared to the S22U).

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Despite the good experience, Peter also reveals that he misses some things. He especially highlights the possibility of not being able to install apps from outside the App Store and customization. Although that is something that he has improved a lot and that with iOS 16 he takes a new leap with his new lock screen.

I’d still love the option to download some apps and the ability to fully customize screens and app icons without having to use shortcuts, but the rest of the experience makes these smaller things easily ignored. If Samsung ever finds out their product line and makes the phones that I know they can, I’ll probably switch back, but until then I’m good to go.

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An Android fanatic switches to the iPhone and makes a list of the things he hates and the things he loves

they are certainly interesting opinions to hear. Although there are some things that Android users hate about the iPhone, the truth is that more and more users of the Google system are moving to the iPhone. And this is one more example.