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A particular musk has the same therapeutic effects as cannabis

A particular musk has the same therapeutic effects as cannabis

Cannabis continues to be one of the most debated topics by people. Its therapeutic effects are well established, so much so that even in Italy it is possible to buy products in pharmacies, with a low dose of THC, to exploit its effects. Cannabis-based drugs are used against certain types of pain, such as anxiolytics, as a drug to decrease the contraindications of chemotherapy, stimulate appetite in people with anorexia. In Canada, recently, they have also legalized ********* also for its recreational effect, while Europe is still strongly opposed to the latter, marketing the Lite one, with low doses of THC, to the maximum. However, there seems to be another plant, similar to a moss, that has the same healing effects as cannabis, but with less THC.

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Musk with the same properties as cannabis

The clinical study, published on the site Science Advances, discovered a particular type of moss containing a substance similar to THC, specifically in a plant of the hepatic genus, the Radula perrottetii. A biochemist from the University of Bern discovered that for some years this particular musk had been sold on the Internet as a light and legal drug, but without any knowledge of its excellent therapeutic effects. With subsequent laboratory studies, it was found that this plant has stronger anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties than THC as it acts on prostaglandins, the chemical mediators of inflammatory processes. In addition, it has a distinctly lower psychoactive effect, unlike cannabis, which makes it excellent for use primarily in the clinical setting. Obviously, before being used for human cases, it will still have to be thoroughly analyzed and tested, to find out if it can lead, in the long run, to side effects.