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A new variant of Mydoom, the cause of the attacks on Microsoft

A new variant of Mydoom, the cause of the attacks on Microsoft

Since yesterday, February 3 at 1:09 p.m., the Mydoom.B worm has been trying to launch a distributed denial of service attack (known as DDoS) against the website of the multinational Microsoft to try to prevent access to said site by users. To achieve this, this worm will launch thousands of connection requests to these servers from each computer infected with the worm.

Fortunately for Microsoft, the number of infections caused by this Mydoom variant has been low, so the effects of the attack are expected to be low.

On the other hand, Mydoom.A, the cause of the largest viral epidemic in the entire history of computing, does not stop its advance: although the number of infections seems to have stabilized, it is still too high: up to five times higher than those caused by the Downloader.L, the second most widespread virus. Furthermore, Mydoom is designed to continue spreading until February 12th.

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The latest data provided by Panda Software places the number of computers infected by Mydoom.B around the world at around 1 million, while the Internet consultant mi2g reports that in economic terms, there have been 38.5 million damages billions of dollars. As for the website of the SCO company, the target of the attacks carried out by Mydoom.A since February 1, it continues to be inaccessible to users.

Panda Software has already made the corresponding updates available to its customers to detect and eliminate both Mydoom.A and Mydoom.B and recommends installing them as soon as possible. This operation can be automatically performed by the antivirus if the user has not specified otherwise.

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For those users who are not Panda Software customers, it makes the PQRemove tools available completely free of charge to eliminate both variants of Mydoom, which also restore the settings that have been altered by the worm. To download them, click here.