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  5. 4 tricks on your cell phone that will surprise you – PressPerú

4 tricks on your cell phone that will surprise you – PressPerú

4 tricks on your cell phone that will surprise you – PressPerú

Lima.- Know all the benefits of your cell phone. Many times you may think that you know all its functions, however, there are several tools that you may not discover. For this reason, OPPO specialists, the world’s leading brand of smart devices, will tell you four functional tricks from your mobile.

  1. Locate and protect your cell phone
    Download the “Find My Device” app from the Play Store. In this way, you can see the status of the network, battery and location. Among other advantages, if your cell phone is in silent mode, you can set an alarm that will sound for 5 minutes, and if you lose your cell phone in this application you can lock your device and erase your data to prevent someone from obtaining your private information.
  2. Close apps to speed up
    Without realizing it, you enter many applications in a matter of minutes: you saw your Instagram profile, you sent a message to a friend, you checked your email, etc. This scenario makes the performance of your phone slower, and therefore, closing all the apps that you are not using will be essential to be faster.
  3. Use the keyboard quickly
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If you are one of those who make mistakes when writing, this shortcut will be of great help. In Gboard for Android, hold down the space bar and slide your finger from left to right, you will see the cursor will move between the typed text. This will make it easier and more precise to get to the letter or word you want to add or delete, ensuring that you don’t interrupt the flow of your writing.

  1. Split screen and use two apps simultaneously

This option will help you when you need to verify information by having two windows open simultaneously, so, for example, you can have a banking app and WhatsApp open at the same time. To do this, you have to go to the recent applications button, click on the three points in the upper right and choose the split screen option.

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Also, thanks to ColorOS, OPPO’s mobile operating system based on Android, OPPO users can quickly access the camera by drawing an “O” when the screen is locked. You can customize more shortcuts with other fonts and other apps by going to settings > useful tools > gestures & motions > screen off gestures.

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