Uncharted 4: The Walkthrough – How to (Probably) Beat the Game

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Everyone has that one video game or system where you just can’t seem to beat the tough levels no matter what. Doesn’t mean you don’t try, though! Learn from this guide on how to defeat Uncharted 4 on the hardest difficulty level.

Uncharted 4 Cell block Walkthrough

Uncharted 4’s Cell Block Walkthrough is one of the most hotly anticipated trophies in the game. Some gamers have claimed to beat the Cell Block without any help, while others say that they need help from guideposts or videos to complete it.

In this walkthrough tutorial, we will show you how to (probably) beat the Cell Block trophy in Uncharted 4. This walkthrough is based on the Normal difficulty setting and assumes that you are playing as Nathan Drake. We will cover all of the basics – from finding your way around the prison to defeating your opponents.

If you need help with anything specific in the Cell Block, be sure to check out our video guides for more assistance. Good luck!

Uncharted 4 Prison yard Walkthrough

Uncharted 4 – Prison yard is one of the hardest levels in the game. If you want to beat this level without any trouble, read our walkthrough below.

Uncharted 4 – Prison yard is a tricky level that will definitely test your skills. If you’re having trouble beating it, follow our guide below.

The first thing you need to do is find the hidden item. You will see a small container on the right side of the room. Once you find the item, head to the back of the room and climb up the ladder.

Uncharted 4 Chapter 12 Wheel Puzzle Solution: Rotating Balls/Spheres

Once you are at the top, use your crossbow to shoot out the light bulb. This will open up a door that leads to a secret area. Inside this area, you will find a gun ammo box and another hidden item.

Now that you have found both items, head back down and continue following the path until you reach another light bulb. Shoot out this bulb to open up another door.

Inside this new room, you will find two pedestals with button on each of them. To activate these buttons, you need to climb onto them and jump off of them onto ledges below.

Once you have activated both buttons, head back down to the bottom and take the elevator back up. Once at the top, hold A in front of the locked door and look above it. You will spot two pedestals with button on each of them.

To activate these buttons, you need to climb onto them and jump off of them onto ledges below. Once you have activated both buttons, head back down and take your third ride on the elevator. Just like before, follow the path until you reach another light bulb that needs to be shot out with your crossbow. Once this is done, head back downstairs.

Uncharted 4: Reaching an open shutter full walkthrough

Uncharted 4 is a beautiful game and I enjoyed it immensely. However, one of the game’s many levels has an Open Shutter that is difficult to find and beat.

This walkthrough will show you where to find and how to open the shutter in order to complete the level.

All You Need To Know About Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on PS4

If this walkthrough helps you beat the level, great! If not, at least you can now try the level yourself knowing what to look for. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’s main story is a bit lacking as it repeats gameplay from Uncharted 2. It does have a pretty good chase ending and this short walkthrough video adds next or further to your walkthrough experience. The video will end on an intensity, cut scene featuring Nathan Drake finally catching up with Victor Sullivan and Chloe Frazier at the airport. Uncharted 4 might be the best looking game Sony had released. The attention to detail with intricate architectural designs is astounding; the dynamic water details not only look realistic, they seamlessly transition smoothly between stillness and movement during light cascading waves over the sea floor that increase in force as players move deeper into each level or climb higher above them.

Uncharted 4: Reaching the basement walkthrough

Uncharted 4: The Nathan Drake Collection is a game for those who love adventure and puzzle-solving. It’s the fourth installment in the mainline uncharted series, following Elena Fisher’s story. Players must find and recover treasure chests in order to progress the game. In this guide, we will show you how to (probably) beat the game without killing any enemies.

Many gamers are hungry for hints and tips on how to beat the game, but unfortunately, there is no definitive walkthrough available. This means that many gamers are left scratching their heads when trying to figure out how to progress.

One of the most confusing parts of Uncharted 4 is the basement, which is required in order to reach some of the game’s final objectives. Our walkthrough will teach you how to escape the basement and reach your final goal without ever confronting any deadly challenges.

The Mystical Items in Uncharted 4: Their Locations and How to Unlock All Puzzle Solutions

Sabotaging the fuse box in uncharted 4

The latest entry in the series, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, was released in May 2016. In this post, we will show you how to (probably) beat the game without sabotaging the fuse box.

This guide is designed for people who have already completed the game and are looking for a shortcut. If you have yet to play Uncharted 4, we recommend that you start by reading our full review of the game first.

If you choose not to sabotage the fuse box, you will have to complete the game without interacting with any of the optional characters. This can be difficult because some of these characters are essential for completing the game.

We advise against using cheats or save-schemes because they can affect your gameplay experience and spoil the fun of completing a games on your own. If you do decide to cheat or use a save-scheme, be sure to explain why in your blog post so that other readers can make an informed decision about whether or not to follow your lead.

Uncharted 4 is a challenging game, but it is possible to beat it without sabotaging the fuse box.


There you have it, folks. Assuming you followed all the steps correctly, you now have a fully functional Uncharted: The Walkthrough – How to (Probably) Beat the Game. As always, if you spot any mistakes or have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below or in our discussion forum. And if things go well and you manage to beat Nate DLC without any glitches or by-the-book inputs, please consider leaving a positive review on the App Store. Who knows? It might just help somebody else out there save some time and frustration.

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