The Mystical Items in Uncharted 4: Their Locations and How to Unlock All Puzzle Solutions

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is full of mysterious items that lead players to different places and mysteries. Trying to find these treasures in order to find the hidden treasure is likely one of the hardest tasks found in any video game. Fortunately, these puzzles have logical solutions that can be worked out by anyone, so you do not need to depend on luck or a guide book.


Uncharted is one of the most popular action adventure game franchises ever created. It has been praised for its outstanding graphics and gameplay, and its mysteries have kept players engaged for years.

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This article will discuss the mystical items in Uncharted, their locations and how to unlock all puzzle solutions.

First, let’s take a look at the mystical items in Uncharted. These include the Amulet of Heliodor, the Golden Fleece, the Sword of Ali Baba and the Tablet of Ezechiel.

The amulet of Heliodor is located in the tomb of El Cid in Spain. To find it, you must complete three challenges: defeating Rodrigo Dias, finding all of Ali Baba’s treasure and solving a riddle at the sphinx.

The Golden Fleece is located in Greece. You must first complete a treasure hunt through Athens, then find the hidden monastery where it is hiding.

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The sword of Ali Baba is located in Baghdad. It’s guarded by Zouli Panoptes, an immortal who can only be defeated with the sword.

Finally, the tablet of Ezechiel is located in Jerusalem. It’s buried beneath Solomon’s Temple and

What is the Mystical Items?

The Mystical Items are unique pieces of equipment that appear in the uncharted series. They are essential to solving the various puzzles in the games, and their locations can be a mystery until they are found.

Some of the Mystical Items appear early in the game, and must be collected before further progress can be made. Others can only be found after much exploration and puzzle solving. In all cases, finding and using the Mystical Items is necessary to progress through the game.

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Each Mystical Item has a different function that is necessary for progressing through the game. For example, one item allows players to enter secret areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Players can view all of the information about each Mystical Item by selecting it from their inventory and selecting “Info.” This information provides detailed descriptions of each item as well as tips on how to use it in specific puzzles.

By using this information, players can unlock all of the solution to the puzzles in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Puzzle Solutions Guide

One of the most popular games in the world is Uncharted. The game follows the adventures of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who is always on the lookout for new and dangerous treasure.

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Uncharted has a unique puzzle system that players can use to solve puzzles to progress through the game. Some of the mystical items in the game include paintings, coins, and masks. To unlock all puzzle solutions, players will need to find all of these items and understand their locations.

For example, one mask is located in an underground bunker. Players will need to solve a series of Puzzles to open the door to the bunker and access the mask inside.

Some of these puzzles are quite challenging and may require some exploration. But with a little luck and patience, players can unlock all puzzle solutions and progress through the game!

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Unlock All Puzzle in Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End contains some of the most memorable and interesting items found in any video game. Some of these items can only be accessed by solving puzzles. The locations of these puzzles and solutions are detailed below.

Puzzle 1 – In the flooded library, there is a chest on the ground to your right as you enter. This chest has the solution to the puzzle.

Puzzle 2 – In Chapter 10, find the silver chest in a room with explosive barrels. The solution to this puzzle is located on a rock near the body of Ikora the Unseen.

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Puzzle 3 – In Chapter 13, during the sequence where you are trying to escape from the castle, go through a small door on your left as you enter. This door leads to a small room with a locked gate. The key to unlock this gate is located inside a small urn on a table in this room. The solution to this puzzle is located right behind the urn.

Puzzle 4 – In the Towne deployment, there is a room with a Vex Gum Ball Cannon between the stairwell and crawlspace on the side of the structure. The solution to this puzzle lies in a small glass jar next to it.

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Puzzle 5 – Small room near Fluctus Bouncers, collect all five red Pulsating Hearts to unlock steel door in area past overcharged doors. This statue stands after each reset as well as when under attack by enemies/bosses.

Puzzle 6 – Future War Cult display chamber containing art book shown around by DattoScience boss fight in Pluto’s Forge portion of Cosmodrome level for Death’s Gambit.

Outline of the Journey

Uncharted is an adventure game series that has won numerous awards, including several Game of the Year Awards. The games are set in a mysterious and exotic world, and the puzzles employed in the gameplay often require players to unlock mystical items whose locations are not always clear. In this article, we will outline the journey players take through Uncharted, and discuss the specific puzzle solutions for each episode. We will also explain how to unlock all of the items in each episode.

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Starting off, Uncharted takes place over a period of four days. The first day covers Nathan Drake’s initial investigation of grave danger close to his home. The second day covers the discovery of El Dorado and its treasure. The third day covers Drake’s battle against Hector Barbossa and the rescue of Elizabeth Swann. The fourth day concludes with Drake’s final showdown against Drago Colosso and the discovery of his family legacy.

In order to complete each episode, players must solve a variety of puzzles. Often these puzzles require players to find specific items or answer questions in order to progress. For instance, in Episode 2 (El Dorado), players must find seven statues hidden throughout the city in order to open a gate that leads to the treasure chamber. Another challenge involving the Scuttlers involves finding and solving three riddles that then unlock the door to escape from Drago Colosso’s volcano.

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Loot the Magpie Eyes of Udall Magic Remnant

One of the mystical items in Uncharted is the Magpie Eyes of Udall Magic Remnant. These eyes can be found in the first chapter of the game and are required to open a door that leads to one of the treasure chests.

To unlock the Magpie Eyes of Udall Magic Remnant, you need to shoot an arrow at it until it pops out of its socket. Once you have obtained it, head to the door that was opened with the relic and enter it using the key that you obtained.

Finding all seven puzzle solutions for Uncharted is a challenge that requires a bit of navigation and puzzle-solving skills. If you find yourself stuck, be sure to explore all of your options and try different things until you find a solution that works for you.

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Hope’s Shield Gilded Hook (Traded with Grave tender Michelle)

One of the most mystical items in Uncharted is Hope’s Shield. This shield can be found in the first chapter of the game, and it is traded with Grave tender Michelle.

To unlock all the puzzle solutions for Hope’s Shield, players will need to find all six pieces that are scattered across the map. These pieces can be acquired by completing different tasks and challenges that are contained in each location.

Although it may seem difficult to find all the pieces, there are tips and tricks available online that can help players unlock all of the puzzle solutions quickly. If players are having trouble finding any of the pieces, they can always contact friends or co-players for help.

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Wings of Resolve the Guardian’s Gaze Magic Encased Fragment

One of the most mystical items in Uncharted is the Wings of Resolve. These wings are embedded with a powerful magic that can see through walls. The Guardian’s Gaze magic Encased fragment is another Mystical item in Uncharted that is located in one of the puzzles.

To unlock the Wings of Resolve and the Guardian’s gaze magic Encased fragment, players must first find Raktuber’s knife. This knife can be found in one of three different locations Throughout Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Once players find the knife, they can use it to solve the final puzzle to unlock the items.

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