The Last of Us 2: Prologue, Waking Up, Overlook, Patrol, Horde and Chalet Walkthrough

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Welcome back to The Last of Us, friends! This blog article will serve as your guide for the first chapter of The Last of Us 2. If you’re just kind of getting started in the world of video games, or a seasoned veteran looking to see what Uncharted has been up to lately, read on!

Prologue Walkthrough (Jackson)

Welcome to our guide for the first chapter of The Last of Us 2 – Chapter 1: The Prologue. This walk-through will cover everything you need to know in order to progress through the game, and we will also include any tips and advice that we can.

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If you are new to the franchise or just looking for a refresher on what happened in The Last of Us, we highly recommend that you read our comprehensive guide first. That way, you will have all the information that you need to follow along with this walkthrough.

In general, chapter one is a tutorial that introduces the game’s controls and gives you a brief overview of the story. It is not terribly long, but it does require a bit more effort than other parts of the game. Once you finish it, you will be ready to move on to Chapter 2.

If you run into any problems while playing through this chapter, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our contact page or on social media.

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Waking Up Walkthrough (Jackson)

In the second installment of The Last of Us walk-through, we’ll be covering the Waking Up chapter.

So far in the game, Joel and Ellie have been struggling to make it out alive. Infected everywhere, racing against time to find a way out before everything falls apart. But that’s not all; just as Joel is about to make his escape from Boston, Ellie, who had been fatally shot by fellow survivor Riley in an earlier chapter while defending him, wakes up screaming in pain.

Now it’s up to Joel to rescue her – and end this nightmare once and for all.

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The Overlook Walkthrough (Jackson)

In this third and final chapter of The Last of Us 2, players take control of fugitive Joel as he ventures into the overrun and contaminated suburban area of Jackson in order to find a way to escape. With hordes of murderous survivors blocking every escape route and deadly obstacles lurking around every corner, players must use all of their cunning and firepower to survive.

The downloadable content pack, The Hunters, is required to play this chapter. If you have not purchased it yet, please do so now on PSN or Steam.

Here are 3 tips that will help you survive Chapter 3: The Overlook:

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1. Use cover wisely – try to find hiding spots in corners, behind cars or piles of lumber, and beneath overturned tables. When defending yourself, use whatever you can to protect yourself from gunfire and melee attacks.

2. Make use of fire sources -fires can provide a temporary respite from gunfire and offer a place to hide while you reload, but be aware that they also attract attention from enemies. Be sure to use them judiciously!

3. Use the environment -use spikes or damaged rails as makeshift ladders up high; jump onto broken windowsills to get a clear shot at enemies below; enter the tram and use it as a defensive platform.

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The Patrol Walkthrough

Welcome to the Last of Us 2 the Patrol walkthrough! In this guide, we will be providing tips and advice on how to complete the game successfully.

This walkthrough is designed for players who have completed the game previously. If you are just starting out, we recommend referring to our beginner’s guide first.

Throughout this walkthrough, we will be describing each area and explaining the best way to approach each challenge. We will also be providing strategies for defeating enemies, locating key objects, and resolving puzzles.

We hope you enjoy this walkthrough and find it helpful as you play through The Last of Us 2 the Patrol!

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The Horde Walkthrough

In this walkthrough, we will be covering how to complete the Chapter 6: The Horde. This chapter pits Nathan against a large group of Infected and reveals his true motives for helping Joel and Ellie on their mission.

To begin, take control of Joel and move through the area towards the back left corner. There will be a locked door here that you will need to unlock with your knife. Keep moving through the area until you come across a staircase. Climb the stairs and fight your way through the Infected on the top level. Once you reach the top, open the door with your knife and proceed through it to find another key card. Go back downstairs and take the key card to unlock the gate leading out of this sector. Proceed through this gate and take care of any Infected in your way before reaching a ladder leading up to an upper level.

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Once you reach the top, head towards the right side and jump onto a raised platform in front of a large machine. Shoot some arrows at two Harpies that fly overhead, then investigate the machine to find an easily destructible crate. Clear out all of the Infected around it, then destroy it with your axe to grab some medical supplies.

The Chalet Walkthrough

Hey everyone, this is a walkthrough of the Chalet level in The Last of Us Part 2. This is the final chapter in the game and it is a pretty big level. I’ll go through all of it and tell you what to do. This walkthrough is made for those who have completed the game so there may be some spoilers ahead.

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The Chalet level begins with you finding Gort and taking him to Joel. You then find Ellie in a cupboard and have to protect her from infected people. After that, you have to fight your way through the enemies, including Vigors and Bonfires, until you reach the end. Here are all of the objectives:

-Take Gort to Joel

-Protect Ellie from infected people

-Fight your way through enemies to reach the end

-Find all hidden items

-Acquire all upgrades

If you want to beat the Chalet level quickly, there are some things that you should avoid doing. First, you should never waste any ammo. Second, try not to get hit by any objects or fireballs. And finally, make sure that Gort always has food with him so he doesn’t run out of energy. I didn’t mind this level at all, but it’s a relatively tough one and many players had problems with some of the hidden items. Those are the red corner shelves, green marbles in a bowl outside one of the shops, two NPCs on the dock near Gort’z wagon, and the police cars around town. There are five upgrades to find in Artisan Alley.

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-Eat as much food as possible-Never use Fireball

– Shoot Bottles and Sockets-Don’t waste ammunition

-Find all hidden items: bushes, guards and civilians

While playing this mission after Chateau, you go across the reservoir where you fought ghouls and drowned people to reach Ellie’s safe haven first before heading deeper into town.