The Last of Us 2: Every Secret, Easter egg, and Treasure Hunt to Find

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In The Last of Us 2, players step back into the cooped up hazmat suit of Joel and Ellie. But this time, these survivalists may have an easier time with trash talk than actual trash to eat. To get straight to the point, there are certain tasks you can complete during live in-game play for enhanced goodies and rewards. Here’s everything we know about game tips, Easter eggs, and all the secrets surrounding TLOU 2.

The Last of Us 2 Open World

The Last of Us is a long, engrossing game that will keep you coming back for more. There are so many secrets, Easter eggs, and treasures to find in the game that it can be hard to keep track of them all. This guide will help you unlock all the secrets and find all the treasures in The Last of Us 2 Open World.

This guide is divided into four sections: Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, and Collectibles. Each section will outline all of the secrets and Easter eggs related to that part of the game. If you missed anything or want to know more about a specific secret or Easter egg, just hit the “refresh” button on your browser and you’ll be brought right to the relevant section.

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Easter Eggs and Secrets

The Last of Us is an adventure game with a lot of hidden gems and treasures. Whether you’re looking for secret symbols, Easter eggs, or just some extra content, we’ve compiled the easiest and most straightforward ways to find each and every one.

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Starting off, there are a variety of hidden symbols throughout the game. In order to find them all, you’ll need to pay attention to your environment and look for specific objects and locations. For example, one symbol can be found by standing on top of a wooden pallet in the junkyard and looking out towards the street.

Another symbol is located in Parker’s house. After rescuing Ellie from Mount Weather, go behind his bedroom door to find a drawer with a password inside. The final symbol is located at the very end of the game – but you won’t be able to see it until after you collect all of Henry’s audio logs.

Besides symbols, there are also several secrets to find in The Last of Us. One secret is located in a maintenance duct near Bill’s clinic. After climbing onto the roof of the building and jumping onto the duct, head down into it and you’ll find a magical healing potion. Another secret is located in one of the elevators near Bill’s clinic. When exploring the bottom floor, go into either chamber and grab the healing ointment on one of the shelves to restore your health – whether it’s a full inventory or just a single item, you can use this cheat to refill your health quickly.

Finally, one little secret that Joel doesn’t know about is behind Samuel’s house on Firefly Island… but only if you bring two people with him when he goes out to chop down some firewood in Chapter 5.When you get back inside, look straight ahead after opening the door and wait for a scene to play; it should not take longer than three minutes… especially if you’re carrying several people besides the two main playable characters.

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All you have to do is sit there and wait for this scene to end by continuing to mirror-walk around the room. You should hear a conversation behind some nearby crates with two voices, but that isn’t who they are.

Tutorials and Mysteries

There’s an abundance of content to be found in The Last of Us, and for the most part, it’s all been well received. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any secrets, Easter eggs, and treasure hunts to be uncovered.

Shortly after launch, many players discovered hidden tutorials that took them on a tour of the game’s world. These tutorials taught players how to use new weapons, how to navigate the game’s maps, and even how to craft useful items. Of particular note is the hidden tutorial entitled “How To: Make a Snow gun.” This tutorial teaches players how to build a snow gun and use it to shot oncoming enemies long before they know you’re there.

In addition to tutorials, there are numerous other secrets to be found in The Last of Us. These secrets can be found by exploring every nook and cranny of the game’s levels. Some of the more notable secrets include a mini game that tasks players with rescuing prisoners from a prison camp, a secret room located on top of a church steeple, and a scene where Isaac must rescue Ellie from brutal enemy soldiers.

Finally, there are numerous treasures dotted throughout The Last of Us. These treasures can be found by exploring every nook and cranny of each level. Chapter’s five game modes are available in The Last of Us, but the most notable is certainly Survival. In Survival mode, players are free to explore every single area of the game’s maps, including outdoor areas such as wilderness settings or urban areas where Ellie can operate a fire extinguishing robot.

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Hints and Tips for the Last of Us 2

The Last of Us is a highly popular game that has been praised for its expert storyline, great gameplay and sheer beauty. However, even if you have completed the game, there are still many secret passages and treasures to find. In this article, we will provide hints and tips on how to find all of the secrets in The Last of Us 2.

If you want to know where to find every Easter egg in The Last of Us 2, then read on! We have compiled a comprehensive guide that will point you in the right direction. Furthermore, we have also included a treasure hunt for you to complete to get all of the hidden items. So be sure to read through our article carefully!

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