How to Get All Three Dog Companions (Mishka, Gracie, and Duke) in Fallout 4: Far Harbor

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Bethesda has released a new DLC for their popular game, Fallout 4. The DLC is called Fallout 4: Far Harbor. In this article, we will provide you with some helpful hints on how to find the three new dog companions in the DLC – Mishka, Gracie, and Duke!


If you’re a fan of Fallout: Far Harbor, you might want to consider getting all three dog companions. Each one of these companions has unique abilities that can come in handy during your adventures.

First off, there’s Cods worth. Cods worth is a synth who is able to repair equipment and help you with other tasks. He also has a wide range of voice options, so you can customize his appearance to your liking.

Next is Mr. Handy, who is an automated robot that can help with repairs and other tasks. Mr. Handy comes equipped with a laser sight and a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Finally, there’s Dog meat. Dog meat is a tough canine companion who can help you fight off enemies and scavenge supplies during your travels. He’s also capable of speaking several different languages, so you’ll be able to communicate with any NPCs you encounter while playing Fallout: Far Harbor.

How to Find Guard Dog Companions

In Fallout: Far Harbor, you’ll need to find three dog companions to help you fight off the island’s mutated animals. Here’s how to find them.

First, head to the Northeast corner of the map. There, you’ll find a campsite with a guard dog near it. This is your starting point.

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Once you’ve acquired the guard dog companion, check out the nearby area for more dog companions. These can be found in various locations throughout the island, so be sure to explore all corners of Far Harbor!


One of the tasks in Fallout: Far Harbor is to find three dog companions. One of the dog companions that you can find is Gracie. Gracie is a friendly dog that will help you out with various tasks in the game.

To find Gracie, you first need to locate The Dog House. This location is located northeast of the town of Natick and it is marked with a red neon light. Once you have found The Dog House, speak to Gracie inside and she will offer to be your companion.

Gracie can be a valuable ally during your time in Fallout: Far Harbor. She is able to help you with many different tasks, including finding items and opening locks. She also has a passive ability that increases the damage dealt by your melee attacks.


One of the first things you’ll need to do in Fallout: Far Harbor is find and talk to Duke. He can be found in a small building on the east side of the island, just northeast of Vault 106. After talking to Duke, you’ll be able to unlock all three dog companions for your play through.

Duke specializes in restoring energy weapons, so he’s a great source of repair supplies. Carrying him with you will also increase your chances of finding rare and valuable items. Be sure to talk to him often, as he’s always happy to share new information about the island and its inhabitants.

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You can find Duke in Fallout: Far Harbor as soon as you trigger the quest “Duke’s Gambit” after finishing the main story. He’s located just northeast of Vault 106, on a small island. After talking to Duke, you’ll be able to unlock all three dog companions for your play through.


One of the most important items you’ll need in Fallout: Far Harbor is a dog companion. This can be done by finding Mishka, a friendly dog that can be found in the game’s beginning area.

Once you’ve found Mishka, talk to her and she will ask you to adopt her. After doing this, she will join your party and help you fight off enemies and explore the game’s world. Mishka is essential for completing the game’s main story quest, so make sure you get her as soon as possible. Just like other Fallout games, you can add a number of companions to your party. The game’s large roster will make the process of adding them and using them quite tedious. This guide will show you how to find all of the game’s companions with tips on where to find them in their respective areas and how to get them into your party.

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If you’re like me, you’ve been desperately looking for ways to get all three of your Dog Companions in Fallout: Far Harbor. Well, fear not! I’m here to help. In this article, I will show you exactly how to get each of your Dog Companions in Far Harbor without any trouble whatsoever. So read on and good luck getting them all!