How Do I Change the Color and DPI Settings for the Cooler Master MM711 Mouse?

How do I change the color and DPI settings for the Cooler Master MM711

How do I change the color and DPI settings for the Cooler Master MM711



Cooler Master has added some RGB lighting and a heavyweight case to the MM711 mouse. The mouse also has understated LEDs in the scroll wheel and logo. If you’re not familiar with these LEDs, they are a handy way to see the DPI.

Cooler Master MM711

The Cooler Master MM711 RGB gaming mouse has two RGB lighting zones on the scroll wheel and a back section. Both zones can be customized using Cooler Master’s software. This allows users to choose personal colors and lighting effects. However, the software is somewhat limited compared to other gaming mice such as the Razer Synapse.

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The Cooler Master MM711 mouse is angled and is a good fit for medium to large-sized hands. It also features three PTFE feet and a Master Plus+ feature. This software allows users to tune the mouse to the surface they are using and provides customizable lighting and DPI settings. The Cooler Master software also features macros and profiles.

The Cooler Master MM711 mouse is compatible with Cooler Master Plus software, which is a free download. The software contains five tabs that allow users to customize the mouse’s appearance and functionality. It also offers basic monitoring of the system. The Cooler Master MM711 mouse has 512KB of memory for settings and user preferences. The 512KB of memory is controlled by a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ processor.

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The Cooler Master MM711 mouse is the continuation of the MM710 mouse. It features the same chassis and internal hardware, including the Ultra weave cable. It has RGB lighting in the central part of the chassis. To change the color and DPI settings, you should follow the instructions on the device’s documentation.

The MM711 RGB gaming mouse is an excellent option for gamers who want a lightweight and versatile gaming mouse. Its light weight and sleek design make it an excellent option for FPS gaming. Although the mouse is lightweight, some gamers may experience irritation if they have large hands.

Cooler Master MM710

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The Cooler Master MM711 mouse has two zones of RGB lighting, one on the scroll wheel and one towards the back. This gives you full customization and allows you to set your own color scheme for the mouse. It also has a splash-resistant coating so that it won’t get dirty when you spill something near it.

Cooler Master’s MM711 gaming mouse is a direct continuation of the MM710. It uses the same chassis, internal hardware, and Ultra weave cable, and it also has RGB lighting in the central area of the chassis. You can change the color and DPI settings by using the software included with the mouse.

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The Cooler Master MM711 mouse has an ergonomic design and is light. The buttons click with satisfying force and have low latency. It has multiple customization settings and is easy to use. We especially like the scrolling feature. The scroll wheel is smooth and responsive, and the mouse scrolls smoothly.

Another benefit of the Cooler Master MM711 mouse is its price, making it affordable to many people. Compared to many other expensive gaming mice, it is a good choice for the budget-conscious buyer. It is lightweight and flashy, which makes it the perfect mouse for starting gamers in MOBA and MMO games. The mouse also has multiple features, including macros and profiles.

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If you’re concerned about your mouse’s comfort, the Cooler Master MM711 mouse has a honeycomb-like shape and two thumb buttons on the left side. The mouse also offers an ergonomic design and can accommodate various hand sizes.

Cooler Master MM711 with RGB lighting

The Cooler Master MM711 has RGB lighting built into the scroll wheel and the non-logo area of the back. These can both be controlled separately using the “Customize” feature. The software comes with presets for four different lighting effects: color cycle, breathing, static, and de bounce. Additionally, you can adjust the button response time and angle snapping.

The Cooler Master MM711 works with the Cooler Master Plus software, which is available for free as a download. It takes about 10 seconds to install. After the installation, the software will show you all the devices you can control. It also provides basic system monitoring. This software has five tabs, including one dedicated to buttons. You can remap any of the buttons to perform various functions.

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The MM711 is a more expensive mouse, but it is more powerful than its predecessor. It comes with two color zones: the scroll wheel and the section toward the rear. The mouse also offers customization options. However, this is not as extensive as the Corsair iCUE, which provides a lot more options. In addition, the MM711 is slightly heavier than the MM710. If you’re interested in RGB lighting, the MM711 is definitely worth a look.

With Cooler Master Plus+, you can customize the Cooler Master MM711 mouse for optimal performance. This software lets you remap buttons, adjust DPI, adjust lighting, and record macros. This software is easy to use and will recognize the mouse very quickly.

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The MM711 mouse weighs 60 grams and features a honeycomb-encased design that allows you to aim without resistance. The mouse also has a splash-resistant coating, which prevents it from getting ruined if you spill liquids or food near it.

MM711 with heavyweight protection

The Cooler Master MM711 is a gaming mouse with pro-grade features and a striking shell design. It comes with RGB illumination, a 1000-Hz polling rate, and is extremely lightweight at less than 60g. This makes it easy to handle and provides better mouse movement while playing games. The light weight also means less wrist fatigue, which helps with extended gaming sessions.

The MM711 features an integrated 16,000 DPI Pixar optical sensor that provide accurate performance, less lag, and little to no stuttering. The MM711 also comes with new and improved feet that are made of pure PTFE. Its OMRON switches are built for long-lasting performance, with a lifespan of 20 million key presses.

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MM711 with identical tracking speed

The Cooler Master MM711 is a high-quality mouse with an excellent design and 16k CPI Pixar optical sensor. It offers a very smooth tracking speed with little to no lag. This mouse also has an ambidextrous shape that accommodates both palm and claw grips. However, the mouse is too small for gamers with large hands. Despite its size, the MM711 offers a good build quality and a comfortable ergonomic grip.

MM711 comes with a lightweight 1.8m USB cable for easy mobility. This cable complements the mouse’s flexibility and sharpness. It also has six programmable buttons, which are designed for easy access to custom key binds. The mouse also has a sleek design that comes in white or black with a glossy coating.

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Both mice have many positive features, including tapered PTFE feet, an excellent optical sensor, and reliable high-quality buttons. Although both mice are ambidextrous, the MM711 is better suited for people with smaller hands. The mouse has a very small footprint compared to its competitors. Its design, however, makes it an excellent choice for ambidextrous gamers.

The Cooler Master MM711 is also ultra-lightweight. Compared to its predecessor, the MM710, it weighs less than half as much. The MM711 is available in the Indian market for around Rs.3500 and comes with a user manual and an extra pair of PTFE feet.

While the Cooler Master MM710 is an excellent gaming mouse, the MM711 is a slightly better option for gamers who want a less expensive option. It is ambidextrous and features RGB lighting. It is a good choice if you are a beginner player in MOBA or MMO games.

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