God of War Valkyries: How to Find Hidden Chambers and Valkyries Locations

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The article shows you several new locations in the game where you can find hidden chambers and how to acquire treasure from each one. Of course, spoilers lie ahead so it’s best to wait until you’ve completed the game before proceeding.


God of War Valkyrie features hidden chambers and Valkyrie locations that can be uncovered with the right strategies. In this blog, we’ll teach you how to find all of these hidden areas in God of War Valkyrie using a step-by-step guide. So get ready to explore the world of Norse mythology like never before!

The key thing to remember about the Sen’s Fortress is that this treasure has a time limit of one hour. This means players have to collect as many chests as they can in 60 minutes, after which gate timers reset and leaves the fortress. Players should focus on finding all of the chests (especially ones on red plates) but be mindful of wasting time on unnecessary drawing from the Keyhole and activating certain switches when missed chests are nearby. If a player gets too greedy for Gold for too long, collecting chests can be less effective due to gates closing soon, so stick right around the location highlighted in yellow above that spawns doors with secret gold if any enemies are adjacent to them.

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How to Find Hidden Chambers

The original God of War trilogy had Kratos whipping and dismembering his way through hordes of dangerous beasts in order to achieve his goals. Thankfully, the new God of War game has a much more stealth-based approach, relying on hidden chambers and hidden objects to collect coins or unlock chests in order to progress. Here are some tips for finding these secret areas:

-If you’re looking for treasure chests, scan the environment for areas with high levels of contrast. These spots might be dark corridors or shadowy corners, perfect for hiding valuable items.

-Sometimes the most concealed areas are those with the least amount of visible evidence. Look for small niches or nooks that might go unnoticed by most players and search inside for chests or secrets.

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-Another great way to find hidden chambers is by solving puzzles. Often times these puzzles will lead you to places you wouldn’t expect, like behind walls or inside crates.

Whatever strategy you use, make sure to keep an eye out for secret areas in the upcoming God of War game Valkyrie, as they could prove to be quite useful in your quest for glory!

Valkyrie Fragments and Locations

As the God of War Saga progresses, the player will unlock new Valkyrie cards in the god of war iii locations menu. Once you have found all 8 of these Valkyrie cards, they can be added to your inventory and used in-game to help you accomplish specific tasks or rewards.

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This article will outline where each of the hidden chambers and Valkyrie locations are located, as well as what items are needed to find them.

1) Located in Kratos’ Palace: After defeating Zeus in the boss fight, head inside the palace and down the stairs on the right. Follow the path until you reach a large room with a statue in front of it. Climb up the statue to find a hidden chamber containing a Valkyrie fragment.

2) Located in Ares’ Temple: After defeating Ares in his temple, enter the next room and go left down some stairs. You’ll reach a circular room filled with spikes. There’s a hidden chamber behind one of the pillars on your right (near some fire pits). Inside is a Valkyrie fragment.

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3) Located in The Stables: After beating than atos, go inside the Stables area via the large holes in the ground. Proceed down the hall to reach a circular round room with statues on each side. The hidden chamber for this Valkyrie fragment is located inside a large man-made statue (first one you’ll encounter in the level).

How to Find Valkyrie Locations

Kratos has been traveling across Greece in search of the eight Valkyries as part of his quest to find Ascension. In this article, we will be discussing how to find all of the Valkyrie locations in God of War: Valkyrie, so that you can complete your adventure.

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The first Valkyrie you will come across is located in Athens. Head to the northeast part of the city and look for a large temple. Once you reach the temple, head up the stairs and take a left onto a small platform overlooking the sea. On top of the platform is a chest with a Valkyrie inside.

The second Valkyrie is located in Lamia Village. Head to the north-west corner of Lamia Village and search around for a large tree. Climb onto the tree and enter a private garden located on the north side of the tree. Inside the garden is a chest with a Valkyrie inside.

The third Valkyrie can be found in Thermopylae on top of an Ancient Monument. After defeating Helios, head to Kerberos Tower and fight your way up to the top floor where you will find an Ancient Monument. Head inside and take out all of the enemies until you reach an elevator leading up. Head up the elevator and head to the top floor. At Uroboros, search due north of the helipad before it is blown to find a large empty building with a chest inside.

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To unlock the fourth Valkyrie, return to Lamia Village. Enter Harpies’ Outpost (depicted as “Nagara-Pirate Stronghold”) on the continent of Pharos at nightfall. Enter the third room and retrieve Yavoju’s Bouquet from the cell next to Yavoju’s rock and exit. Cross over the bridge that leads back into Lamia Village and enter Haggler Nabushajas’ Cave until you reach an Ancient Monument with two female icons (must be at level 60). Hug both females and repeat the process at midnight.

You now have the fourth Valkyrie, but the symbol isn’t changing – although the effects it has are completely different. To get an encouraging symbol, get help from a Beastkin at Rhyme’s House or whoever you went with to rescue Yavejurelle – they’ll work together as one Valkyrie won’t trigger while they’re on your side. Without any help at all, there is no symbol change.

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