God of War, Treasure Map and How to Get the Secret Ending

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Yes, there is more to this popular action game than just the Kratos Deity. Hidden maps, hidden treasures and hidden enemies await you on your quest to defeat the Gods. But that doesn’t mean they will hand out all their secrets without a fight. With that in mind, here is an article showing you everything you need to know about the treasure map – useful for when you feel like having some extra fun with the game!

What is God of War?

God of War is an action-packed video game series released by Sony Computer Entertainment. The first installment was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and was followed by two sequels, God of War II (2007) and God of War III (2010), both of which were critically acclaimed. In a departure from the popular Greek mythology setting used in the previous games, God of War ventured into Norse mythology. The newest installment in the series, God of War (2018), set in contemporary times, was also well-received.

In 2018, a secret ending to God of War was revealed after players discovered hidden symbols throughout the game. Completion could unlock this ending by finding all eight treasure chests and solving a complex puzzle.

God of war Treasure Map

The treasure map in God of War is arguably one of the game’s most enigmatic pieces of lore. In order to find all of the treasure, players will have to explore every nook and cranny in the game’s world. we’ve put together a guide to help you get started. In order to unlock the treasure map, you’ll first need to complete the game’s main storyline. After this, you’ll be able to access Kratos’ cabin on Mount Olympus – where his son Atreus lives.

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Inside, you’ll find a chest with a treasure map inside. To start finding the map’s hidden treasures, simply follow its dotted path across the mountain. Pay attention to what locations are highlighted in orange, and make sure to explore every corner of each location. You may even spot secret areas that contain some extra loot. Be sure to take photos or sketch maps of all the hidden treasures so that you don’t forget them!

Once you’ve uncovered all of Mount Olympus’ hidden treasures, be sure to return and submit your findings for a share of the total prize pool! Good luck!

Where can you find treasure in God of War?

Treasure in God of War is always a subject of debate, with each player finding objects that they believe are the most valuable. Below is a list of some of the most common places where treasure can be found in God of War.

– The Chest of Orpharion: This chest can be found in several different locations, but is most commonly found on Olympus after defeating Hades. The chest contains a wealth of gold and treasures, including the Hekatonkheira sword which is one of the best weapons in the game.

– The Eagle’s Nest: This is another location that is usually not too difficult to find, although it may require some plat forming skills. The eagle’s nest contains a number of items including three chests that are filled with treasures and provisions.

– The Dark world: A fairly new addition to the God of War franchise, the Dark world contains a number of dark areas filled with dangers and possible Treasure. Although these areas tend to be difficult to traverse without proper equipment, they can also contain hidden treasures and supplies.

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God of war Secret ending

The secret ending in God of War is as follows: you have to find the treasure map, and then follow its instructions. To get the treasure map, you have to find a fragment of it in a boss battle. Once you’ve found all of the fragments, you can use them to unlock the treasure map.

To get the secret ending in God of War, players must find all eight treasure chests and solve a complex puzzle. To find all treasure chests, players must enter specific combinations of runes in three separate chambers; two sections above an underground lake, one beside a mountain and one near a waterfall.

To get the treasure chest key, players must reach all four columns that support it and then summon Kratos before being given the option to carry over their save file on the PlayStation 4 version of God of War. Players can find everything they need to collect all eight chests in the main story campaign by taking note of landmarks, secret objects they discover along the way and pieces to puzzles throughout. Once everything is collected, players must solve a hidden chiseled symbol puzzle found on one wall while they cross into the area below where Kratos rides atop his winged horse Patra (who must be killed in order to proceed). Here, players must go up the steps to the right and follow them to the top of a long spiral staircase where they can find the final chest along with their save file.

How to Get the Secret Ending Of God of War

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If you’ve completed the game and reached the end, but don’t know how to get the secret finishing scene, this guide will help.

To unlock the secret ending, you first must find all of the treasure items scattered around Kratos’ world. There are 11 in total, and as with many things in God of War, knowing where to look is half the battle. Here are a few tips on finding each one:

1) The first treasure item is located in Athens, at a spot where Kratos can stand on a high ledge and see down to the river below. Shoot an arrow into the water and swim to it.

2) The second treasure is in Sparta, inside an abandoned building. There’s a secret passage that leads down to it; blast open one of the walls with an explosive arrow, then enter the passage.

3) The third treasure is hidden inside Candace’s temple in Olympus. She’ll give you a key if you complete her mini-game. Shoot three feathers into the 3 suns hanging overhead, then jump onto the platform with each flower painted on it. Head towards the central light, and use Cyclone Rush to reach it.

4) The final treasure lies far to the west in an area full of lava and hostile enemies. There’s a path to it behind the boss, Prometheus, though it takes a single Cyclone Rush to get there safely.