Fallout 4: All the Islander’s Almanac Magazine Issue Locations Far Harbor

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The Fallout 4: Far Harbor – All the Islander’s Almanac Magazine Issue Locations is a magazine that can be found on island in the game Fallout 4. This article will break down all of the locations where this magazine can be found, including the locations in Diamond City and Nucleus.

What is the All the Islander’s Almanac Magazine?

The All the Islander’s Almanac Magazine is a special issue released in Fallout: Far Harbor that includes locations for all of the artifacts and treasures found throughout the island. This magazine can be found throughout Far Harbor and is a valuable resource for treasure hunters.

Each article in the magazine provides a location for one of the artifacts or treasures featured in the game. The articles are written by various authors, and each one offers insights into the location and what to expect while exploring it.

The All the Islander’s Almanac Magazine is an essential resource for anyone planning on playing Fallout: Far Harbor. It provides detailed information on every artifact and treasure found throughout the island, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Who are the People in Far Harbor?

Far Harbor is a Fallout 4 add-on that takes place on an abandoned island. The game provides a lot of insight into the people who live on the island and their culture.

One of the many interesting characters in Far Harbor is the islander, who are a race of humanoids who have adapted to living on the island. The islander’s almanac magazine provides a lot of information about their culture and history.

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In addition to the people, Far Harbor also features a number of mutant animals that have been mutated by the radiation of the island. These mutants include bears, snakes, and spiders. It is up to the player to deal with these creatures and protect settlers from them. The island of Far Harbor has a number of different settlements that the player can recruit people from.

These settlements include Springvale, Caddoc, and Acadia. Each settlement has its own unique features and inhabitants. The towns and villages also have their own unique weapons that are needed for survival on the island. In addition to the primary quest line in Far Harbor, there are other quests that players can do to improve the town of Far Harbor.

These side quests include helping people out by doing things like finding or repairing generators, or helping out settlers who have been stranded on nearby islands like Little Lamplight or Springvale. The game also has a number of hidden collectible items located around the world of Fallout 4.

These collectibles include notes, bobble heads and holo tapes that are found throughout the Commonwealth. All of the collectibles in Fallout 4 all serve to give you more information about the story and situations that you are faced with as you progress throughout the world. Fallout 4: Far Harbor is a standalone expansion for Fallout 4. The add-on allows players to explore a new area of the commonwealth with new characters, quests and enemies. Players will also encounter many of their old friends from Fallout 4 along with many new characters and enemies.

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How do I find the Issue POIs?

In Fallout: Far Harbor, the All the Islander’s Almanac is a very important item. It can be found at various locations on the island, and it is your key to unlocking some of the island’s hidden secrets.

To find all the Issue POIs, you will first need to find the magazine itself. This can be done by finding one of the many copies that are scattered throughout the island. Once you have found a copy, head to one of the marked locations and look for a blue poster with an issue number on it. This poster will show you where to find the Issue POI for that particular issue.

Once you have found an issue’s POI, head over to that location and search around for any objects or books that may have blueprints or schematics related to that issue. Once you have found these items, take them back to the Issue POI and use them to unlock the hidden content inside. For the most part, these hidden items come in the form of blueprints and schematics to build new weapons and vehicles. You will find mostly vehicle blueprints, with a sprinkling of weapons as well. Whatever you can use to improve your arsenal is welcome here!

Where can I find other Issue POIs?

If you’re looking for additional Fallout: Far Harbor POIs, you can find them all in the All the Islander’s Almanac magazine. This magazine is located in various places around the island, and gives interesting background on some of the locations you may visit during your travels.

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Some of the Issue POIs are found inside buildings, while others can be found outside. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny to find all the hidden POIs! Players can find the locations of several Issue POIs throughout the Island. Some of these POIs are out in the open, while others are hidden away inside buildings and other structures.

Look on signs and posters around the island for clues, as well as reading some of the journal entries found in tents and campsites that may help you locate a specific issue POI. You can also see them listed on The All the Islander’s Almanac located at various places around Far Harbor.There are a total of 81 Issue POIs in Fallout: Far Harbor across the 84 story-driven quests available to you during your time playing through the main quest line.


If you’re looking for someplace new to explore in Fallout 4, Far Harbor might be a great option. Not only is the island itself full of secrets and hidden areas waiting to be uncovered, but all of the locations featured in All the Islander’s Almanac magazine can also be found on Far Harbor. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a look at our list of all the magazine issue locations on Far Harbor so that you can start finding all the collectibles and goodies that the island has to offer!