Difference between PlayStation vr CHU-ZVR1 vs. CHU-ZVR2

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VR is a brand new innovation in technology that has been making waves in recent years. If you’ve been looking for your own personal virtual reality experience, then you might be interested to know about the different types of virtual reality headsets that are available to buy. In this article, we take a look at PlayStation vr CHU-ZVR1 vs. CHU-ZVR2.

What is a PlayStation Vr?

PlayStation vr is a gaming system that allows you to play games in a virtual reality environment.

PlayStation vr is different from other gaming systems in that it uses a headset that immerses you in the game. This headset is called a PlayStation vr CHU-ZVR.

PlayStation vr CHU-ZVR is a version of the PlayStation vr that uses motion controllers. These controllers allow you to interact with the game world in ways that are not possible with just your hands. They also have a number of sensors on them that allow you to control the game environment using gestures. For example, if you wanted to throw a grenade in the game you would bend your wrist way over and pull the grenade out of your pocket. There are also sensors on the PlayStation vr that allow you to look around your environment by moving your head. This is very similar to how in real life you turn your head left or right and look around.

The PlayStation vr has a form factor that allows for it to be used with some other accessories like a PS4 camera so that it can be used along with the PlayStation 4 console. However, these accessories have not been widely released as of yet and they are not compatible with all models of PlayStation vr headsets. So while they can work well with some models, they do not work well with all of them.

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Currently, the headset is made available in three different models to choose from. The first model comes with a 2D screen, Vr glasses, and all the software required to use PlayStation vr. This costs $399 and is available for pre-order already. The second model comes with the 3D screen but no Vr glasses so it cannot be used with any other accessories that require Vr glasses such as a PlayStation 4 camera. This model costs $499 and will be available on March 1st of 2017. The third model comes with both the 3D screen and Vr glasses at a lower price of $499. The difference between these two models is that the cheaper one does not support PlayStation VR Worlds.

What is CHU-ZVR1 and CHU-ZVR2?

CHU-ZVR1 is a wireless gaming head-mounted display for PlayStation VR, which supports 2D and 3D games with a 120Hz refresh rate and 5.7K resolution. It features a built-in 5.7GHz radio transceiver, HDMI input, and 3.5mm audio input.

CHU-ZVR2 is an upgraded version of CHU-ZVR1 that supports 3D games with a 120Hz refresh rate and 7.1K resolution. It features a built-in 5.7GHz radio transceiver, HDMI input, and 3.5mm audio input.

The main difference between CHU-ZVR1 and CHU-ZVR2 is that CHU-ZVR2 has an upgraded receiver that supports 3D games with a 120Hz refresh rate and 7.1K resolution. Specifications are almost identical between the two models, with a few exceptions: The CHU-ZVR2 is able to sync with wireless controllers using an infrared system that has been called “bluesign” technology. The CHU-ZVR1 cannot do this. Both the PS4 and the PS3 require to be turned on for the VR headset to work properly. It is recommended to turn off both your console and your PS4 when you are using a VR headset as it may cause problems in the headset’s movement or brightness.

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Differences between the two PlayStation vrs

There are a few key differences between the PlayStation VR CHU-ZVR and the PlayStation VR CHU-ZVR. The first difference is that the PlayStation VR CHU-ZVR has two cameras instead of one. This allows it to create a more realistic experience for users.

The second major difference is that the PlayStation VR CHU-ZVR has a detachable wand. This means that users can swap out their wand if they wish for a different experience. The PlayStation VR CHU-ZVR also comes with two games: Batman: Arkham VR and Rez Infinite. These two games have been described as “providing the perfect entry point” for new users to Virtual reality.

The PlayStation VR CHU-ZVR is one of the best virtual reality headsets that you can get right now. It’s a nice, compact headset that will be perfect for anyone who wants to experience virtual reality but does not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a more advanced system. The PlayStation VR CHU-ZVR is available for only $99.99 on Amazon. This is an amazing price for such a powerful system and some of the best VR games out there.

How to choose which PlayStation vr to buy

When it comes to buying a PlayStation vr, there are a few things to consider. First, which version of the PlayStation vr do you want? There are two versions of the PlayStation vr, the CHU-ZVR and the CHU-ZVR Pro.

The CHU-ZVR is for people who want to use their PlayStation vr at home. The CHU-ZVR Pro is for people who want to use their PlayStation vr in public.

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Second, what type of gaming do you want to do? There are two types of games that are available on the PlayStation vr: motion games and reality games.

Motion games use your movement in the game to control the character or environment. Reality games use your virtual reality headset to make you feel like you are in the game world.

At the end, how much money do you want to spend? There are three different price points for the PlayStation vr: $99, $199, and $399.


So, which PlayStation vr CHU-ZVR should you buy? If you are looking for a PS VR that is more affordable and has lower specs, the CHU-ZVR might be a better option. It does not come with an audio cable and its motion controllers have been reported to feel less comfortable than those of the CHU-ZVR+. However, if you want the best experience possible on PS VR and are willing to pay a bit more, then go for the CHU-ZVR+.