Cooler Master Mouse MM711; How Do I Clean it?

Cooler Master Mouse MM711 How do I clean my Cooler Master mouse MM711

Cooler Master Mouse MM711 How do I clean my Cooler Master mouse MM711

The Cooler Master MM711 is a high-quality mouse that comes with a durable dust and water-resistant coating. This helps to prevent accidental spills. The mouse is also covered with a two-year warranty.

Dust and water-resistant coating helps prevent accidental spills

The Cooler Master MM711 gaming mouse is an innovative addition to the Cooler Master gaming line. It offers pro-grade features, including a striking shell design, RGB lighting, and Ultra weave cable. It also weighs less than 60g, allowing for fast movement and extended gaming sessions with minimal wrist fatigue.

Build quality

There are a few things you should know about the build quality of the MM711 mouse before you purchase one. For starters, this mouse uses the Omron switch, which is known for its comforting click sound. You’ll also find 6 buttons, 2 on the left side, and a rubberized scroll wheel.

The MM711 has a honeycomb-style frame, which is a relatively new design. This makes it very lightweight, but it also has a few disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the tendency for the honeycomb to flex or break when you push hard enough into it. It’s best to avoid pressing hard on it or using the mouse in wet conditions.

When cleaning the MM711 mouse, take note of the design and color. The shell of the mouse is perforated and contains honeycomb pattern cutouts. The holes are low enough so as not to interfere with the buttons. Some people worry about dust and liquid entering the mouse but don’t worry. The PCB is dust and splash-proof.

The build quality of the mouse is also excellent. Most mice of this class are lightweight, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not sturdy. The MM711 is no exception. It has a solid base and low pre-travel. In addition, the buttons are light to medium stiffness.

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The MM711 features a high-quality optical sensor with 16000 DPI. This sensor is also extremely accurate. The mouse also features a PTFE feet, which are ideal for low-friction surfaces. It is compatible with both PC Windows and Mac OS system platforms.

Sensor rattling

The Cooler Master mouse MM711 has an optical sensor in the center. The PMW 3389 sensor is found in most top optical mice and is accurate and solid throughout our testing. We experienced sensor rattling when moving the mouse in a straight line, but there were no indications of prediction. The mouse also displayed low lift-off distance and minimal input lag.

The Cooler Master mouse MM711 features a perforated shell that prevents dust and moisture from getting inside. It also features a splash-proof PCB and buttons. The mouse’s buttons are medium to stiff. The MM711 has an impressive list of features and should meet most gaming needs.

Although it features a slightly smaller mouse body than the Glorious Model O, the Cooler Master MM711 has a similar feel and looks. Its honeycomb patterns are unique, but the Glorious feels more solidly built and is the better choice for larger hands.

Sensor rattling is a common issue with optical mice. These mice’ sensors have trouble tracking movement on non-standard surfaces, such as glass. Dusty lenses can also make the sensor unable to track movement. If this is the case, you can easily clean the sensor by using mouse pads. Also, make sure the travel distance of the mouse matches that of the cursor. This will help you develop muscle memory for the mouse’s movement.

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This mouse has six buttons: two main buttons and two on the left side. One of the buttons is for selecting DPI levels and the other is for a mouse wheel click. Both of these buttons use OMRON 20M switches, which are quiet and give a satisfying click. It also has a handy macro recorder and can save up to five profiles.


The Cooler Master mouse MM711 features a perforated shell with honeycomb-pattern cutouts. These holes are reminiscent of the Cooler Master logo and soften the edges of the RGB LED. The mouse also has a water and dust-resistant internal PCBA.

The Cooler Master mouse MM711 is designed with durability in mind. It is waterproof, and the perforated design helps prevent the mouse from getting wet. The mouse is also equipped with an LED scroll wheel, which serves as a DPI indicator. The mouse comes in a stylish, sleek package, and comes with a user manual and extra mouse skates.

Another notable feature of the Cooler Master mouse is its ambidextrous shape, making it easy to use with either hand. This ambidextrous mouse features two side buttons for optimal maneuverability. It also features a braided cable with a gold-plated USB connector. The cable itself is durable and comes with a rubber cover.

The Cooler Master mouse MM711 is an excellent gaming mouse. Its sensor is one of the best in the business, and its high DPI and precision make it a great choice for gaming. The mouse is also lightweight, making it perfect for FPS games. This mouse comes with seven preset DPI settings, and you can adjust the polling rate on the mouse.

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If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that’s lightweight, yet packed with pro-grade features, the Cooler Master Mouse MM711 is a great option. This mouse is made with a lightweight, ultra weave cable and RGB lighting that improve performance. The mouse also weighs less than 60 grams, meaning you can use it for longer without experiencing wrist or hand fatigue.

The MM711 mouse’s shell is perforated, with honeycomb-pattern cutouts. The holes mimic the logo of the Cooler Master brand, and they soften the harsh edges of its RGB LED. The mouse also has a water-resistant and dust-resistant coating on the internal PCBA.